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472: “The Captain” John Ballon Ocean City Maryland

John Ballon Ocean City Maryland

I am gonna guess that this was taken by either Geoff Graham or Ben Cornish…the fisheye makes me think Ben…anyone know?


471: Dan Tag, Rocky Vertone at The Barn photo Dennis Kane

Dan Tag Layback Air The Barn circa 1986

Tag is blasting a big Layback Air on the pool cope side.  That was our first set of pool cope before we put down Masonite. Rocky Vertone. with an old Steve Cab deck and an Evan Feen Barfoot snowboard poster on the wall.

Dennis Kane

Nice one Dennis!! Remember the days of being able to eat pizza twice a day and riding the Barn kept you looking like Bruce Lee.




469: Mike Vallely – Brooklyn Bridge Banks closing till 2014 due to construction

We have all spent a lot of time at this place pre and post off ramp spiked fence….I lived 5 minutes from the Brooklyn Bridge Banks for 12 years and spent almost a year walking through there twice a day on my way over the bridge to a DUMBO art studio I established…..I for one was never able to ollie the highway divider (or any divider for that matter) its hard to believe Mike Vallely was undettered by that devil’s pitchfork of a barrier and conquered it. I will leave anymore to be said about the place to Mike…he says it best.

Thanks to Larry Ransom for this bang up mini documentary and Mike for Mik’ing

Checkout Mike V’s new updated online presence as well.


387: The Barn’s History:First picture ever taken at The Barn, NJ…Birth of a legend Jay Henry

Jay Henry 1st Barn picture

JAY HENRY 1st Barn picture, NJ

Jay Henry Avatar


BIRTH OF A LEGEND (or Jay Henry is a slave driver)
Being as this is The House of Steam site, I thought I would tell the story of the Origins of the Barn Ramp, complete with the first ever photo. This was taken at the first session, before we even put the coping on this side, still running on the original 2 layers of used wood. The wood came from my crappy 8′ wide backyard ramp that had to come down. This ramp was so kinked that we had continued to add layers to it over the years in an attempted to smooth it out a little. When I had to move it I realized that this of course was usable wood, so I went about the daunting task of removing one piece of plywood at a time salvaging whatever I could. I was thinking of working with Dave to add on to the Girl ramp, but Jimmy and Dennis said “to heck with that, we should build a ramp at our house!” I was weary due to the hassles my neighbors had given me so I asked what was the backyard setup like. Jimmy Kane said “Oh, we’ve got a huge backyard, and we can build it on the cement left behind from the chicken coops”. I thought that sounded pretty good and asked how far from the other houses the cement platform was and Jimmy said “way back from the houses, back by the barn”. OK, this is the point where my heart pauses, “Come again, did you say “barn?” I asked Jimmy. He immediately knew what I was thinking and told me it was full of junk. And it was; we pulled 2 kitchen sinks out of it, as well as used tires, golf clubs and other junk, not to mention almost all of the 2 X 4’s that we would need to build the ramp. I wanted to make it 9 foot transitions, a foot and a half of vert, with a 12 foot flat. After I measured though I found that there wasn’t enough room, so I had to go with the 8, 1 and 10 that made this tight little bastard the ramp that it was. Jimmy, Dennis and Stevie D were my crew, but they had jobs. Everyday I showed up early, started measuring, cutting and planning. When my crew got home, they would come back to the Barn to have me bark orders at them for hours on end, putting all of my pre cut pieces into position. Those guys were great, and I now realize just how much of an ass I could be, but they dealt with me and we got it done. Mrs. Kane at first was in shock, she had thought it was going to be maybe 4 feet tall! At the same time she was so astonished at my construction skills and thought, hell if these guys want to make it, let them do it. She was really the champion of that whole thing, I’m not sure I ever thank her appropriately for letting us have that ramp, and all the people there. Mrs. Kane, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!!!! So it’s no shock that I was the first one that got to ride it, here I am doing a….yeah, you guess it, a handplant.
Jay Henry 2009
Jason Oliva
Well this is pretty darn cool. I wont add much except enjoy a little more oral history of The Barn…and feel free to send me more like this. As always Jay Henry is out front setting an example for us all to follow. Fricken cutting edge!
Jay, thanks for thinking of me… Those are memories that neither you nor I will ever forget…You are right.. I was in awe of your talent. Not every guy your age would have been able to build a structure of that magnitude.. I am so thrilled that those few years are embedded in all your memories and that it allowed you a time in your life that most of you will never forget..  I tried to keep you safe. Seems you all will never forget “The Warden”  LOL  I wish you all love, happines and success…
Hugs to you all,  
Nancy (Jim &; Dennis’s Mom)

334: and it was all probably just another random Wednesday at the Barn: PART 3

Dave Padulo Ben Cornish

Dave Padulo Mute air The Barn NJ (Wednesday night) Circa 1986

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Part 3 in our ongoing series of pictures. I am going to create a category called Wednesday Night for the interested parties to follow along. Here is a gem of Dave Padulo…Mute air on the pool coping side with Ben Cornish, Jimmy Kane and Stevie “D” Mannion looking on. The Padulo brothers had that mid eighties Tony Hawk thing going on. 

Stay tuned for a lot more!

Ps. Just counted there are over 166 skaters represented in The House of Steam  archive…crazy stuff!

Jason Oliva

232: The scenic overlook Ditch today

Email from John Vandermey: 

here she is bro…still local, still underground, still ridden, loved, and respected

see attached pics.

also, here’s a thing that i wrote…it was published by Concrete Wave online a couple months back…http://www.concretewavemagazine.com/exclusives.php?id=4


Some 2006 pics of the scenic overlook ditch from John Vandermey. Read his submission to Concrete waves above it rules…I think the old school guy was named Ray Bolby(thats how it was pronounced I dont know about the spelling) He road an old school set up even by 1986 standards.

thanks John look for your mug in The FRIEND “O” STEAM category and keep the cool stuff flowing.


125: Jay Henry Backside air at The Barn 1988

Jay Henry at the Barn NJ 1988 jason oliva the house of steam

Jay Henry Backside air at The Barn 1988 NJ

(another) Ass kicking photo from WIG

Couple reasons for posting this photo…First a photo with Jay wearing a helmet is as elusive as a photo of Big Foot. I’m not sure but this one could have been altered by photo shop to show him wearing a helmet. Second reason was to show how close those fricken beams were that went across the flat bottom were. People like Jay and Captain John Ballon looked like they were gonna smack em every time they skated. I do believe a BMX rider had a real Head Cracker incident.

Anyway nice camera work Wig! Splitting the beams and capturing the elusive helmeted Senor Henry.

Keep it coming

jason oliva


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Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish

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