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469: Mike Vallely – Brooklyn Bridge Banks closing till 2014 due to construction

We have all spent a lot of time at this place pre and post off ramp spiked fence….I lived 5 minutes from the Brooklyn Bridge Banks for 12 years and spent almost a year walking through there twice a day on my way over the bridge to a DUMBO art studio I established…..I for one was never able to ollie the highway divider (or any divider for that matter) its hard to believe Mike Vallely was undettered by that devil’s pitchfork of a barrier and conquered it. I will leave anymore to be said about the place to Mike…he says it best.

Thanks to Larry Ransom for this bang up mini documentary and Mike for Mik’ing

Checkout Mike V’s new updated online presence as well.


465: Happy Holidays from The House of Steam

Edgewood circa 1986

Photo Jason Oliva



Happy Holidays to all 201 skaters currently listed in The House of Steam archive  also Happy Holidays to all the readers and supporters of THOS.

Best Wishes

Jason Oliva Artist


462: ROB MERTZ Skating at Bucky Lasek’s new pool “Heaven”

Rob Mertz in “Heaven”

Been skating Bucky’s pool almost everyday, (until I jacked my back again about 6 weeks ago…). The pool rules! Probably the best thing I’ve ever ridden!!!! I’m sure everyone has seen video of it by now. The daily sessions were me, Paul Wisnewski, Chris Conway, Tony Mag, Miller and Owen Neider and Bucky of course!  The pool is as big as a modern vert ramp but, with all the hips and corners of a pool! So, if you’re a vert dog who loves pools, (like me), you are S-T-O-K-E-D!!!! Big thumbs up to Bucky for making it happen and letting this old vert guy skate it!!! Thanks Buck!!!


408: Happy 40oz. Derek Rinaldi!!


Friday May 29th!

790 Metropolitan Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

If you are in the area go to Brooklyn and buy DR a drink and say it was from me! Sorry the pic is so small but thats what happens when Playas use their crackberry’s instead of proper compy’s.

Dont think of it as 40 think of it as the (hold on grabbing calculator) 22nd anniversary of your 18th birthday!

Have a good one my Brutha!


366: Anthony Hancock backyard vert ramp Feb 13/09

357: Looking for a place to skate vert in Arizona?… Tom Wagner

Tom Wagoner

Tom Wagner 2009

Hey Jason,
I thought I’d send you a shot of my ramp. Old school specs, Mike Mapp an old skate bud of mine sent me the plans for this a couple of years ago and it’s been done for over a year now. No one to skate with though. Nobody likes flat wall. Ha! Oh well I’m enjoying the hell out of it by my lonesome. Every once in awhile I get some Phoenix rippers up that enjoy an old vert ramp. If you’re ever in Az. Look me up! Plenty of concrete parks here and they’re all free.

Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner's ramp Arizona


My mate Tom Wagner  looks like he has a  great ramp sitting there. If you are looking for a place to skate in AZ hit me up and I will put you in touch with Tom.