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407: Andrew Lipari, NYC 2008

Andrew Lipari NYC 2008


Jason Oliva

My good, good friends son, Andrew Lipari….Coming up fine, and hitting the Brooklyn bridge banks ta boot!

Skatin to The Doors….Good Stuff Andrew, welcome to THOS.


363: Rumble in Romona…October 18th 2008

A long overdue look at The Rumble in Romona, keep your eyes out for Steamboat and Tag (who earned the title of ‘Best over Channel’)


A christ air from Hosoi and a padless 540 from Ben Rayburn.

340: Padulo’s first quarterpipe 1980(yikes) NJ Matt Padulo dusting off the Cobwebs at Skatetime 209


Dave Padulo on their first ramp NJ 80’s

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Five sheets of plywood and several cords of firewood? I believe skate architecture has evolved into  more economic designs than this but hey it was all uncharted territory back then…you had to skate what you could build. 


That’s me in freakin 1980 man!  London Calling, Freedom of Choice, Back In Black all just released into the world.  Hard to believe they were ever “new”.  Like us I guess. 


Checkout Matt today back in the saddle skating away with Dave and his Nephews up and down the East Coast.


338: The House of Steam/Shut Skates presents The First Annual 2008: History of East Coast Skateboarding Summit.

Jason Oliva (The House of Steam) and Rodney Smith (Shut) Shut Store 158 Orchard St. NYC December 2008


Jason Oliva The House of Steam

I flew into NYC for the first annual History of East Coast Skateboarding Summit. It was a two day event and well attended (Me Adam and Rod),  alliances were formed, refreshments were served and some choice new SHUT gear and THOS Stickers were offered as take aways.


Rodney’s Office SHUT 2008

It was held in Rodney’s office were we sat down for hours trying to put the world to right. In the end we walked away with the knowledge that the story is being told and told well and The House of Steam is the place for it all to be and my continued stewardship is being watched and approved. Keep an eye out in your mailbox for an invite to the next History of East Coast Skateboarding Summit in 2009 were we will get together and continue the discussion about patch working this story together to better present our unity and roots.

Jason Oliva December 2008


Ps If you havent already get down to 159 Orchard and check out the Shut Shop…the coolest place to be.

Rodney Smith Shut Store 2008

Rodney Smith Shut Store 2008


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331: Tag at the Rumble

Dan Tag Rumble in Ramona



This just in!! Too cool. Buy the Dan Tag Wreckroom Signature model!!



329: Dan Tag best over the channel at Ramona

Dan Tag Invert over the channel 1987-88 C.C.C.C.

Photo Jason Oliva


Dan Tag “Wreckroom Skateboarder” and Team Steam has always been best in show over the channel….even 22 years later. Checkout “The Rumble at Ramona” over on the Thrasher site

Nice one Tag


Thanks for this as well…..CLICK……

327: Glen “The East Coast Legend” Charnoski


Team Steam’s Glen Charnoski has checked in and is doing fine competing against and beating those West coast legends left and right. Here are some pics of him doing his thing at the GVR Master Bowl.

Here is the footage of Glen’s win:

#37: GVR 2007 Masters Bowl Finals, SoCal Skatepark:Glen Charnoski, Steve Caballero, Pat Ngoho, Lester Kasai, Duane Peters, Eddie Reategui