232: The scenic overlook Ditch today

Email from John Vandermey: 

here she is bro…still local, still underground, still ridden, loved, and respected

see attached pics.

also, here’s a thing that i wrote…it was published by Concrete Wave online a couple months back…http://www.concretewavemagazine.com/exclusives.php?id=4


Some 2006 pics of the scenic overlook ditch from John Vandermey. Read his submission to Concrete waves above it rules…I think the old school guy was named Ray Bolby(thats how it was pronounced I dont know about the spelling) He road an old school set up even by 1986 standards.

thanks John look for your mug in The FRIEND “O” STEAM category and keep the cool stuff flowing.



2 thoughts on “232: The scenic overlook Ditch today

  1. vince dilorenzo

    i know what to do with that!!!!!!! looks like fun and prety secludes as well….my favorite….. am in philly always on the hunt for re3nagade spots….found a great pool that needs a draining out in jersey….it needs to be emptied before winter. done one recon mission during the day….abandon house, slightly visable from the road, one nieghbor we may need to get cool with. lets trade locations


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