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589:[THOS CONTEST] winner is…..Brian Zigelheafer Pictured at the Hell Ramp with Bucky looking on

…..And the winner is! Brian Zigelheafer.

Brian Zigelheafer lein to tail Hell Ramp Maryland

The winner of [THOS] Faction contest is Brian ‘Zig Boy’ Zigelheafer and as if you did not know the answers were Cokes, Whales and Destroy.

After a major hard drive clean up (thanks to all your help with my growing DropBox) I realised I had a cool picture of Brian at the Hell Ramp…and low and behold off in the distance whilst our hero is lein to tailing is a young Bucky Lasek sorting out his pads. I guess it would not be a Hell Ramp Picture without Bucky looking on, and on, guess all that time he put in is why he is at the top.

As for Brian other then being a [THOS Newsletter] recipient and Faction Anthology Cd owner he also owns the killer  ZigBoy Skate Shop in Spartanburgh South Carolina and does a lot to sponsor the keeeeds.


This chap is already hucking McTwists.

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