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566: Steve Herring at The Barn…Jim Murphy,Dan Tag, Matt Padulo, Dave Padulo, JT Murphy, Jimmy Kane , Jay Henry

Steve Herring

The Barn NJ

Photo Deitz Brutha’s

Who’s on Deck

1.Jim Murphy 2. Dan Tag 3.Matt Padulo  4.Dave Padulo  5.JT Murphy 6.Jimmy Kane Jimmy Kane7.Jay Henry

Steve Herring Back Side Air Sooooo ummmm This is pretty Badass!

Can you name who’s on deck….I got the ball rolling a bit.

Yeah so Steve did those kinda killing it backside airs….

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480: Saturday Night Live at The Barn – Circa 1986..Thanks to Mike Vallely

I’m not gonna say much about this video except thanks to Mike Vallely for getting this filmed back in the day and giving it to us for the archive and another thanks to Larry Ransom for his editing and THOS support throughout the years. Another big thanks goes to Dennis who after searching the web for this footage decided to go to the source and clinched it all. The still images are of Mikes early Vert days at The Barn and the song is Revolution Mother “Night Ride” (pretty fitting) If you comment with a time and a name I will create a gallery of screen grabs…I will get the ball rolling with an important one: 1:24 Weep on Deck.

Enjoy the show…The time is now!!

Jason Oliva Artist


This is great. Mike talks about the first video he was in. “Action East” If I remember correctly, they showed up at The Barn with all this high-end video, lights and sound gear. It was right in the middle of a hot session. I was like, “What the hell is this???”

The guy who owned the company was like, “Can we film a video here?” and I said, “What’s in it for me?” (as if I was going to say No). This was way beyond squeezing 10 bucks out of some squid for “the new layer.” So he flowed me a “No Fun Joe” deck, a t-shirt and some other free shit and I said, “Go for it!” Of course, our power situation was a 300 yard extension cord to the house that kept blowing out. The next contest I entered as….sponsored by Action East.

Let’s see if we can get this classic film posted.

Skater by order of appearance:

1st couple stills Mike Vallely

Papo Capillo No Shirt Red Shorts

Dennis Kane Silver helmet after Papo…Big Indy Air later on

Jimmy Kane Yellow helmet white Tee no sleeves

Mike Vallely Yellow helmet layback air

Papo on roller skates?

Matt padulo Red shorts Layback Air/Backside Air

Tom Groholski Black Shirt Inverts/Layback Air

Bernie O’Dowd No Helmet Frontside air/Invert/Layback Air

Who does the big air with the pink helmet?

Loads of peeps on the deck and on the couch too

414: Ben Cornish “King of all Media” : Portraits on and off the board.

Ben Cornish King of All Media

Ben Cornish Team Steam’s King of all media. Self Portrait



Uber skater, Photographer, Print Maker, Film Maker, Editor, Dad…..Corn is the King of all media. Ben Cornish encouraged me when we were teens to take pictures (and skive off classes by hiding in the Graphic arts department dark room). In addition to being encouraged to take pics  by Corn another added benefit of being friends with Ben is you could count on having some experimental gem of a picture of yourself, either on or off your board. His skate photography is more then just visual documents of what trick one could pull or where you skated. The place, the trick or the antics are all secondary every click is a portrait whether you were on your board or off it. Here is what I am talking about:

Jason Indy air slug ramp


Jason Invert Slug ramp


Jimmy Kane by Ben Cornish Slug




WEEP by Ben Cornish




Steve Mannion Raging Lamos




Bernie by Ben Cornish


By Ben Cornish




Rock by Corn


John Ballon and TAg by Ben Cornish


TAG by Corn





I can go on all day with Ben’s pictures they make my point for me. You dont have to know the people in these photographs to appreciate their artistry. I for one would pay for a book with a big heaping helping of Ben’s work in it…encourage him to get on with it!


Photographs By Ben Cornish

Self Portrait

Jason Oliva

Jason Oliva

Jimmy Kane

Bucky Lasek



Steve Mannion (Raging Lamos)

Rocky Vertone & Dan Tag

Bernie O’Dowd

Ben’s Father


Rocky Vertone

John Ballon & Dan Tag

Dan Tag

Jimmy Kane, Dan Tag,  & Rocky Vertone.

Jason Oliva


352: Team Steam 1987 Photo Annual

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Team Steam 1987 Photo Annual created by Ben Cornish

Music Raging Lamos

Photos by:

Ben Cornish

Jason Oliva

Video by Jason Oliva

Try out:

334: and it was all probably just another random Wednesday at the Barn: PART 3

Dave Padulo Ben Cornish

Dave Padulo Mute air The Barn NJ (Wednesday night) Circa 1986

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Part 3 in our ongoing series of pictures. I am going to create a category called Wednesday Night for the interested parties to follow along. Here is a gem of Dave Padulo…Mute air on the pool coping side with Ben Cornish, Jimmy Kane and Stevie “D” Mannion looking on. The Padulo brothers had that mid eighties Tony Hawk thing going on. 

Stay tuned for a lot more!

Ps. Just counted there are over 166 skaters represented in The House of Steam  archive…crazy stuff!

Jason Oliva

188: Team Steam 1987 NJ, Dan Tag, Jason Oliva, Dennis Kane, Jimmy Kane, Steve Mannion, Bernie O’Dowd, John Ballon

129: METAL MANIA…Dennis Kane 1988 the summer of skate love…Charno, Geoff Graham and Darren Mendito


Now for our next tale, at some point while I was in WHRHS(Watchung Hills Regional Hot Skater), I picked up an very old Kodak Duaflex IV twin lens reflex, with a single bulb Lumaclad Reflector flash, at a garage sale for $5.00 (pretty steep, but well worth it). These were made by Kodak from 1947 to 1960 (mine looks mid ’50s).

I shot all my Graphic Arts photos with this old thing. I took it on skate trips too. During the summer of 1988 (Aug.), we hit the Blue Metal in OC (many times) and I took the attached shots.

Charno OC 88 jason oliva the house of steam

Rick Charno did a head high BS Mute air. If you look close, it looks like he has two heads.

Geoff Graham OC 88 jason oliva the house of steam

Geoff Graham slid a crazy FS rail grind at a high rate of speed.

Darren Menditto OC jason oliva the house of steam

Darren “the Moose” Menditto, chuck a huge FS tuck knee, that was a complete blur.

This was the life. The Bay was a block to my right and the Beach was 3 blocks to my left. We had a free place to stay and we skated all day for free with the best skaters on the East Coast.

I still have this old Kodak, and they now sell for $20 bucks on eBay.



Nice one Dennis!!


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Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish

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