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518: Join the H Street Battalion…Tony Magnusson relaunches H street: Dave Hackett and Alysha Bergado on board

Tony Mag CCCC Highest Air

I put this together ages ago,

So TM has re-launched H street. I dug H-street.. I remember Hokus Pokus on VHS, great video. H-Street even  nabbed Danny Way from Powell back in the day…The 2010 Motley Crew consists of :Ray Allen, Eddie “El Guerra”  Art Godoy, T-MAGMA, Dave (skated the Barn) Hackett and the young gun Alysha Bergado (who at 12 or 13…rips)

I read about the History and checked out the catalog HERE

Here is some H street Motley Crew action:

The youngest Alysha Bergado

The Oldest DAve Hackett (setting the record for the oldest to pull the loop “O” Death….”GNAR!”

Tony Mag 1989 H-Street…Kinda reminds you of Darren.

Ray Allen Hokus Pokus