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208: Brian Wainwright Vert Rollerskating’s best : Jah Steam

Did you know the first 540’s were done on Roller Skates!

Brian Wainwright the house of steam

1987 Steam zine featuring Brian Wainwright by Rick Steamboat Charnoski

You have to turn your head to look at this blast from the past! Frontside 540’s way back in the day….too crazy.

If you have the best of something let people know! The House of Steam and Team Steam have Brian.

Nice One!!

Brian is living and ripping in N.C. and his Brother Morris is doing the same in Seattle.

Send me an email if you have anything to add, contribute or promote on behalf of Vert Roller skating … Links, pics, peeps…etc.etc.

Check out these sites for more info:

There’s a great bunch of rollers in Spain, France and Germany.

Rene Hulgreen, Jay Tubb, Fred Blood, Nelo are just a few to mention.

ciao, Irene

Nice one I,


YouTubeSkate (Videos)



East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

152: Josh Marlowe Frontside Invert CCCC VA circa 1987

Josh Marlowe CCCC 87 jason oliva the house of steam

Josh Marlowe Fronstide Invert CCCC Va. circa 1987

Photo Jason Oliva

So I totally dig this photo… Can’t say I know Josh although I skated/photographed at CCCC and OC Maryland on 2 occasions that he was there. So I figured If I was going to post something of him maybe ask someone else to say something about him.

….so I asked Rob Mertz and he said…I quote

Hey Jason.

Josh is a big dude. He’d throw up a tucknee invert and his knees would be higher than my head!


Morris Wainwright also threw in….

Josh Marlowe, right? OC Legend

Well there you have it. What more to say? Josh Marlowe a huge OC legend…Nice to be remembered!!

Anymore comments or pics of Josh send em are way.

jason oliva

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