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557: YouTubeSkate- Houston SUAS 1991 Vert Contest

552: YouTubeSkate- Grant Brittain’s Skateboard Mag cover this month (May Issue 74) features a crazy photo of Andy MacDonald and Tony Hawk performing ‘Stacked Inverts” photo by Atiba Jefferson

Remember when looking at pictures of things like frontside hand plants made you scratch your head and think how did they get into that position…good thing we have youtube…

How crazy is this?  Wait till you see the Atiba Jefferson cover shot:

The Skateboard Mag

If someone sees this on the news stand in the States grab me a copy…feels like a collectors item to me.

Too Cool

Jason Oliva

Tony Hawk Andy MacDonald

Photo Atiba Jefferson

513: Tony Hawk vs Tom “The Rock” Boyle vs Sean Miller vs Jim Murphy!: The Movie! 1992 Franklin Roosevelt delivers the goods.

I wrote about this day years ago it even inspired THOS’s first contest….I continue to write about it.

1992 all the Titans of East Coast  skating decide to gather in one place….NJ…and then Tony Hawk walks through the saloon doors. Sporting gunfighter purple and a ski hat stretched over his helmet (as I recalled correctly). There was a “where are we going to do this?” feel in the air….Cut to a neighbouring indoor bowl (I think Jeff Jones owned it) for what seemed like a private warm up but was more like a heavy weight boxing weigh in. I am pretty certain there are no pictures(Geoff prove me wrong!). Of the few people there..everyone skated. I for one was a deer in the headlights but was not gonna miss an opportunity to say I rode that day (even if it was just doing egg plants and bailing all over the place) in hindsight I would have  best served the moment behind a camera. I do recall Tony dropping in, frontside olling a channel, then  pulling a gauntlet throwing McTwist after having just gotten out of a car less then 2 minutes ago. Charno responded with the burliest board slide around the corner that could be heard from the parking lot. Anyway……

Franklin Roosevelt delivers the goods with 12 minutes of raw footage from the vert ramp at Impact Zone in Bricktown later that day. The only need these riders had for helmets was to protect themselves from the ceiling.

Tom “The Rock” Boyle—-Tony “The Legend” Hawk–Jim “The Murph Monster” Murphy–Sean “The Almighty” Miller that is quite  a bookshelf.

Tom does disasterish tricks like no other, its like the ramp would’nt dare let him slam and The McTwist it is an amazing trick but a Sean Miller McTwist let alone back to back! ….and Murph is just our fricken hero.

and Tony as always can only be measured by Tony himself.

if only the camera kept running into the night:

Raging Lamos by Geoff Graham

Please comment on the other people in the video street and ramp, I was too anxious to post to do  a proper analysis. There is Philly street legend Ricky Oyola street skating with a flatspot wheel concluding  in a 1992 Nirvana induced helmet toss…Jay Henry would have been proud! Great stuff!

Also you can catch a glimpse of Tony Hawk frontside rock n rolling that huge street wall…

Chime in!!

Jason Oliva Artist

When we were young,  not all of them…but alot of Team Steam Bruthas

Photo via timer Geoff Graham

I’m the one with the baseball hat in front of Weep tossing a peace sign. (click the pick to see all the names)


503: Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab have been doing this for a long time…Footage by Larry Ransom

Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab Tracker Trucks ad 1986 (TransWorld)

First I saw this ad (bought one of those white and pink Hawk boards too) then I saw Larry Ransom’s footage…then I saw the ad again and then I thought… Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab have been doing this for a longtime. While skating at  The Grand Palais they probably  said to each other “Man we have been doing this for a long time”

Great footage Larry!

Nice office Tony! If I worked there I would refer to the ramp as “The Watercooler”

Jason Oliva

Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, and Andy Mcdonald skating at Tony Hawk, Inc.

Footage by Larry Ransom

495: Hiya Folks! Weeeeer The Raging Lamos….. Brick Skate Park 1992 Photos by The Grand Master Geoff Graham

The Raging Lamos Brick Skate Park NJ 1992

Photo Geoff Grham



Look what Geoff sent us… Brilliant! It was a day in 1992 that will live on in infamy….. Tom “The Rock” Boyle vs. Tony Hawk II, the largest post Barn Gathering of Team Steam since (hopefully we can change that in 2010) and a live Raging Lamos show night cap. Click the classic photo (taken by Geoff on the day) below for more story:

Now back to the show:

He goes by many names: Stevie “D”, Starvin Eddie,  rifller of fass riff’s Steve Mannion: Guitar and Vocals

Photo Geoff Graham

Part  one of the “Powerful” rhythm section Steve “Dr. K” Kometoni: Bass and back ground Vocals

Photo Geoff Graham

Billy “The Kid” Schwarz: The Skins

Photo Geoff Graham

Who believes The Raging Lamos should compile all of their music (live and studio) onto one CD along with a comic of all the Lamos art work and offer it for sale! Just thinking out loud here…if you agree leave an arm twisting style comment (Jay Henry knows how to write those type follow his lead)

Thank Geoff these are really knock the skin off the ball.


PS here is a live Lamos track from CBGB’s for you to ENJOY

463: The answer to The House of Steam’s Tony Hawk Ride trivia contest is……… and the winner is……….

The answer to the question who bested Tony Hawk in a 1992 Florida contest is…..Tom “The Rock” Boyle!!

Tom “The Rock” Boyle Stalefish

So who is Tom Boyle you say… he was the rider who was the first to pull frontside kickflips on a vert ramp and along with skaters like Danny Way and Colin Mckay  helped usher in the final bit of modernisation that brought all the street skating tricks of the early 90’s onto the vert ramp. Things would never be the same. Let’s take a look at Tom and these guys skating back then…Shall we?

Tom Boyle…1994!

Danny Way, Colin McKay…1997

So its now 1997 and vert riders can perform magic on the ramp, its no wonder the sport started coming back out of the darkness. Who would not be excited after  watching this level of skating. We all know a bit of what is to come in the new millennium skating audiences wanted skaters to go from being magicians to plain old death defying stuntmen….and the sport moved into 360 Loops, Mega Ramps, Helicopters and Great Walls in China. By making things bigger and more daring almost overnight there where 1,000 new first to be attained in the sport…first to do the loop, first to pull any trick across the mega ramp or on its wall….Has anyone done a 25 foot frontside ollie to grind yet? .Well I for one am pleased to report that with the influence of  East Coast Legend  Bucky Lasek and his new bowl ‘Heaven’ it seems vert skating is trending back to a healthy balance of everything. That bowl looks like skaters skating something that is humbling for all the right reasons.

Yes, Yes I know that there were countless other skaters involved in these decades least of which Tony Hawk who’s contributions to the sport of skating need not even be taken into question but when you crack open the history books be sure to pencil in Tom “The Rock” Boyle if you find his name missing.

Ohhh and the winner of the Tony Hawk Ride (chosen at random from the correct entries) is……..MATHEW KLEIN

That is young Mathew Klein circa 1987 about to drop in on the quarter pipe…while I (Jason Oliva) skate his vert ramp

Well, Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Tony Hawk and the good people over at THRIDE for sponsoring!!

Look for more trivia contests soon in the new year. Dont forget to check out THRIDE and spread the word.

PS…. for those of you who may not know about Tony Hawk’s contributions on and off the board to the sport of skating this video is a good place to start…Nice run Tony!


Jason Oliva

457: The Christmas list is growing! Dan Wilkes guest model from CockFight Skates

Pete Furnee tipped me off to these Texans at CockFight and their boards. We (meaning my teen years skate friends) have always been a fan of Dan Wilkes for all the obvious reasons and it seems we claimed him as an east coaster via his friendship with Tom.

I never owned a Wilkes board but I always remembered that dinosaur doing an egg plant over a channel.

Hmmm? I know the first two tricks are Eggplants what the Hellio are those Dinosaurs doing on the third board

Eggplants being one of the few consistent tricks in my repertoire and a love of dinosaurs…I guess I was predisposed to wanting one. It looks like they have revived the motif at CF (your name is gonna get THOS all sorts of new spam…he he) with this guest Modello.

Click to Covet all of CF’s offerings!

Dan has been a very early supporter of THOS from way back so if you need a deck? Hell get this one!

So the Christmas list grows:(Maybe I can get this list to 12 before Xmas, Im gonna start doing this every year)

-Tony Hawk RIDE (check out the contest!!)

-The House of Steam Tee Shirt…LOL

-ONE CHOICE (Rob Mertz) Vinyl/with Digital Download

-CF Dan Wilkes Guest Model

-Anything from DeathMarch Skates

-Sublime Wheels on a Miramar Longboard

-A photo of Neil Blender skating The Animal Chin Ramp (More of a Xmas Wish)

Thanks to Pete Furnee for the look at this killer Skate Co. Looks like he has dialed in on Egg Plants (again) Wilkes would be proud!. The new phenomenon in vert skating is hearing from people talk about getting old tricks back!….We cant all be Bernie! or can we?:

Pete Furnee Invert to Backwards!

Photo Jason Zdun (Seriously check out JZ’s pics….crazy good)


Jason Oliva Artist