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542: Steve Caballero Kona First switch invert

Not sure what year this was but it is for sure the early 80’s. This is from Kona’s archive, they have a couple more of these that I will link to and then we can move on. Check out this crazy run from Steve Caballero culminating in a switch invert. Crazy.


506: Bangin! Chris “Dune” Pastras at The Berrics

Check it….DUNE….I dig these…cool slow mo sound effect.

Our mate Derek Rinaldi is now contributing words over at Stereo Sound Agency. Coolness.

Jason Oliva


505: Bangin! Mike Vallely at The Berrics 2010

This is just plain Ol’Rad…

Jason Oliva

465: Happy Holidays from The House of Steam

Edgewood circa 1986

Photo Jason Oliva



Happy Holidays to all 201 skaters currently listed in The House of Steam archive  also Happy Holidays to all the readers and supporters of THOS.

Best Wishes

Jason Oliva Artist


463: The answer to The House of Steam’s Tony Hawk Ride trivia contest is……… and the winner is……….

The answer to the question who bested Tony Hawk in a 1992 Florida contest is…..Tom “The Rock” Boyle!!

Tom “The Rock” Boyle Stalefish

So who is Tom Boyle you say… he was the rider who was the first to pull frontside kickflips on a vert ramp and along with skaters like Danny Way and Colin Mckay  helped usher in the final bit of modernisation that brought all the street skating tricks of the early 90’s onto the vert ramp. Things would never be the same. Let’s take a look at Tom and these guys skating back then…Shall we?

Tom Boyle…1994!

Danny Way, Colin McKay…1997

So its now 1997 and vert riders can perform magic on the ramp, its no wonder the sport started coming back out of the darkness. Who would not be excited after  watching this level of skating. We all know a bit of what is to come in the new millennium skating audiences wanted skaters to go from being magicians to plain old death defying stuntmen….and the sport moved into 360 Loops, Mega Ramps, Helicopters and Great Walls in China. By making things bigger and more daring almost overnight there where 1,000 new first to be attained in the sport…first to do the loop, first to pull any trick across the mega ramp or on its wall….Has anyone done a 25 foot frontside ollie to grind yet? .Well I for one am pleased to report that with the influence of  East Coast Legend  Bucky Lasek and his new bowl ‘Heaven’ it seems vert skating is trending back to a healthy balance of everything. That bowl looks like skaters skating something that is humbling for all the right reasons.

Yes, Yes I know that there were countless other skaters involved in these decades least of which Tony Hawk who’s contributions to the sport of skating need not even be taken into question but when you crack open the history books be sure to pencil in Tom “The Rock” Boyle if you find his name missing.

Ohhh and the winner of the Tony Hawk Ride (chosen at random from the correct entries) is……..MATHEW KLEIN

That is young Mathew Klein circa 1987 about to drop in on the quarter pipe…while I (Jason Oliva) skate his vert ramp

Well, Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Tony Hawk and the good people over at THRIDE for sponsoring!!

Look for more trivia contests soon in the new year. Dont forget to check out THRIDE and spread the word.

PS…. for those of you who may not know about Tony Hawk’s contributions on and off the board to the sport of skating this video is a good place to start…Nice run Tony!


Jason Oliva

425: Did you ever want to understand the problems of a 40 year old skate park/cult leader? Soon you can! : Skatopia The Movie coming soon.

Hi Jason!

I’ve got a sample from the upcoming documentary, Skatopia! It’s absolutely insane what these guys are getting away with out in the mountains.. take a look and share it with your readers!

When you want to relax you might close your eyes and imagine a place that makes you happy, or calm; perhaps even try to fade away to an intangible state of utopia. Now, imagine that while attempting to center your chakra, suddenly a flaming mini-van pops into your cranium and scares the hell out of you! That’s exactly what this “Skatopia” documentary did when I saw it. I have to admit though – it’s pretty bad ass what these kids (and this 40 year old) are doing. They’re one big bowl-skating, ramp-building, car-burning family in the middle of the Appalachians. It’s not utopia, it’s Skatopia!


Jason Oliva

Thanks for sharing Carrie….I feel safer knowing THOS is on their good side! I know where I am going when the oil runs out..


421: A good look at The Pipeline : Upland, California – Jason Oliva

Pipeline Jason Oliva

Pipeline 2 Jason oliva

Jason Oliva

So the Pipeline in Upland Ca was one of the coolest places on Earth. I was fortunate enough to have a Father who because of work was commuting out to the west coast and quite near the place. I spent a lot  of time there from 85-88. The following video is one of the best looks at the park on a whole. Anyone who skated there would recall the three bowls in the back with the view of the BMX dirt track or the long ditch run the ended in a vertless pool. Those places never really got too much photographic love.  The combi pool was great to skate and no matter how packed the place got it never became much of a snake session, it always seemed more like a bunch of surfers waiting for a big wave. I on the otherhand took a Barn ramp approach and rolled into that beast as much an as often as possible. Eventually I was able to pull all of my limited number of tricks somewhere in its belly, including dropping into the corner of the square pool where Miller showed the skate world what he was made of (steel apparently) Every once and a while someone  like Salba, Micke Alba or believe it or not a young Jessica Alba showed up, then the park would stop an stare. In my opinion the pro Bmxers seemed to get the most out of the full pipe itself.

It was a difficult place to take pictures as well if you were just an onlooker because of the fences but my Father was able to snap a few, even one of my Grandparents there to cringe at there grandson in action.

Grandpa and Grandma at ThePipeline March 1988

Samuel and Rose Oliva March 1988 The Pipeline, Upland California

Photo Carmine Oliva

Pipeline Skatepark Upland CA 1986 photo jason oliva

A look at that ditch run that ended in a bowl.

Photo Jason Oliva 1986


Jason Oliva: Blue n Black AJ’s with a sensible amount of duct tape, Steam Sticker on Tommy G Board circa 88

Micke Alba Pipeline Mute air 1986

Micke Alba Mute air Combi pool Upland 1986

Photo Jason Oliva

jason oliva pipeline pivot 1988

Jason Oliva 1988 Pipeline Upland CA…best to hand it over to Chris Miller at this point me thinks!


Send me some Upland Pics!!!