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234: Nothing like a beautiful (snake) session on a September afternoon. Cedar Crest Country Club, VA

CCCC 2007 Pete Furnee

The Dag Nasty comes on, just as Tobin cracks an Eggplant on the face wall (with a borrowed board).

Dave Tobin Eggplant CCCC
Landing it a little sketchy, Lawrence immediately drops in and pops a face high Indy over the Channel to a backside air before Dave even clears the flat. Back to a gnarly tuck knee, hand gripping the pool coping. A little squirly and he decides to
pop out. Kentucky drops in far wall to a face high Madonna over the

Brian Kentucky Boyd the house of steam CCCC Madonna

The sun setting behind the trees, a mild 67 degrees. The only difference is
that it is September 18, 2007… I am sitting in the driveway of Fairfax
National Golf Club’s rear pavillion.

17 years ago, I was here the same day, and the above was true, all of it
except the part where Dag Nasty was playing… That is today, and it is
coming off my Sirius Satellite receiver. Back then it was coming out of
Micro’s Red Toyota, or Christian’s Blue Honda, or Brian’s CRX…

Yes, I am sitting here at Cedar Crest, and the air smells the same, it
really does. The sight is atrocious. What was Acropolis for thousands is
a sloped mound of immature trees. Nothing at all suggests that Magnusson
really DID launch over the broom stick in Tobin’s hand, 11 feet, well,
maybe 12, who knows, it was just RAD.

Tony Magnusson CCCC Highest air

Nothing has B’umble asking you for
your three bucks… Strange, there are no bees either.

Instead, there is evidence of a fire. After the dozing, it appears like
what was left was burned and chainsawed to the ground.

CCCC 2007 stubs 2CCCC 2007

The pressure treated masts which held the catwalk and the roof, little stubs sticking
up. My adrenalin is pumping. My heart feels like I just got here, and
the rumor is true, Midgette, Conroy and Sergie are here to session… No
they are not. It is gone. There is a concrete slab, although not the one
the ramp used for a foundation.

Wait is that Blender over there staring at that kid?

Back then, the Concorde would fly over occasionally. The flight path is
the same, they are taking off to the South tonight. Speaking of air,
Buster just sailed a lien across the whole face wall and stuck it like
glue, not bad for 7 feet out and tweaked to shit..

I know when I heard it was dozed, I came here the next day, climbed the
stairs armed with a screw driver, wrench and hacksaw. I stole the
section of pool coping I used to always drop in from, one block right of
the channel. I have it today. It is an alter of sorts. If you have read
this far, you understand.

Although its gone, it WAS here, and I FEEL it.

I have to go before I get caught here.

Peter Furnee.
‘Go Fakie’

Jason Oliva The House of Steam
Pete emailed this to me in the morning and I was stoked for the obvious reasons. After reading what I can only describe as a poem I started trolling through my hard drive and the net only to discover a couple pictures that matched his words, right down to the trick/channel and even wall of CCCC. Weird. So if you are reading this and have a photo to match up to any of Pete’s word’s please send it to me post haste!!

Also I gotta say the contributions people have been sending in (Tom,Pete,Dennis,Derek,Bernie,Jay,Irene…etc.etc.etc) have been world class and I have been receiving the emails that prove it. Keep it flowing cause people are reading

thanks everyone!

Ps. I know someone owns the Thrasher or Transworld with Magnussen’s 12 foot CCCC air, so send it to me! (Thanks Mertz!)


1) Cedar Crest Country Club Ramp site, 2007

Photo Pete Furnee

2)Dave Tobin Eggplant Cedar Crest Country Club 1986

Photo gbjphotoworks

3)Brian “Kentucky” Boyd face high Madonna over the channel

Photo Jason Oliva

4) Tony Magnusson 11 feet, well, maybe 12