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334: and it was all probably just another random Wednesday at the Barn: PART 3

Dave Padulo Ben Cornish

Dave Padulo Mute air The Barn NJ (Wednesday night) Circa 1986

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Part 3 in our ongoing series of pictures. I am going to create a category called Wednesday Night for the interested parties to follow along. Here is a gem of Dave Padulo…Mute air on the pool coping side with Ben Cornish, Jimmy Kane and Stevie “D” Mannion looking on. The Padulo brothers had that mid eighties Tony Hawk thing going on. 

Stay tuned for a lot more!

Ps. Just counted there are over 166 skaters represented in The House of Steam  archive…crazy stuff!

Jason Oliva

151: Skate World Virginia 1977…Old school Skate park! Anyone recall?

John Egertson Skate World Jason oliva the house of steam


John Egertson Skate World Alexandria VA 1977

Killer 1977 shots from John Egertson…A skate Park and Star Wars in the theater…good times.

According to John the park was located on Wheeler (really!) Avenue in Alexandria VA. Moguls, a pool and that crazy vert wall.

Anyone remember any of the SkateWorld Team Members: Connor Mulroney (Dermot Mulroney’s brother…Really!) Miles Rolf, Mike and Dave Alexander, Jimmy Treece and Steve Kelleher. If you are out there or know any of these peeps…. get em!!

Pat Clark, Mike “Micro” Mapp, Bruce Adams and Mike Kresky (Powell Peralta) are all known to have skated here….So there have to be more pics!

SkateWorld Sticker

Original Skate World sticker

If you have any pics from Skate World or know any of these peeps send me an email.

Thanks for the pics and research John

jason oliva

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