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237: Jeremy Henderson The Godfather of NYC skatebarding 1989 Thompkins square park contest, photos by I Ching. Shut Skates NYC Rodney Smith fills us in.

Jeremy NYC Henderson The House of Steam I CHING

Jeremy Henderson Boardslide 1989 Tompkins square park NYC

Jeremy Henderson NYC I CHING The House of Steam wall ride

Jeremy Henderson Wall Ride 1989 Tompkins square park NYC

Photo’s I Ching

Jason Oliva The House of Steam
Ok so these photos from Irene Ching are too cool!!

NYC’s Jeremy Henderson, Barn Ramp Local and Godfather of NY Skate competing in 1989.

For all the skate historians touring NYC, Tompkins Square park is between 7th and 10th, and Avenue’s A and B in what used to be lovingly referred to as Alphabet city. Along with this seminal skating event the park is also infamous for the Tompkins Square park police riot(1988). Not many people remember this bit of NYC history. I do because myself and Chris “Weepy” Blank happened to be in the riots attendance. We where walking home (Chris’s Mother had recently moved into one of the near by re gentrified apartments) after attending a Danzig (hell yeah!) show at The Ritz and found ourselves in a bit of Chaos. A lot about that neighborhood has changed since then it was in 1989 when The Ritz moved uptown and Tompkins Square park till this day is still closed every night to the public (seriously do not cross that park at night, it will earn you a one way ticket to a police holding cell)

I am not gonna say much here about these pictures. Hopefully Irene Ching and her NYC Crew can chime in with more detail. Maybe Rodney Smith of Shut skates will add a thing or two as well. (Oh look, he has!!)



I’ll do my best to keep you updated on NYC. The SHUT shop will open in three or less weeks. It will be located at 158 Orchard street between Stanton and Rivington.
Our office is in the basement. Come check us out when your in the city.

The photos you have are from back in 1989. Shut and Skate NYC ( a now de-funkt shop that was located in L.E.S. ) held an Am. contest in Tompkins Square park. It was in association with the parks dept. Because of the parks departments willingness to support skate boarding at the time, this contest was legendary and laid the groundwork for skate parks in NYC.

Not trying to take anything away from Kessler ( Riverside wasn’t the first NYC skate park). After the contest these ramps were placed ( thanks to the parks dept.) in Malally park ( in the Bronx near Yankee stadium) and designated as the first skate park in NYC.

The contest was pretty big and got written up in THRASHER. Shut also received it’s first cover, which Henderson got at the banks.

Jeremy Henderson NYC SHUT Thrasher cover October 1989

The Parks dept. commissioner Bill Castro put up the money up, gave the “ Go ahead” and the Shut squad built the course. This was the biggest step toward skaters no longer being labeled as a “menace to society”. The parks dept. was keeping a close watch on the activities. None the less we kept shit in order and impressed the City officials.

We invited some of the top Am riders from Cali ( H-Street, Schmitt stix, Circle-A, Z etc…) as well as the mid –west and east coast. Bryce Kanights and Bill Thomas shot the flicks.
Some notable riders included Danny Sargeant , Brian Lotti, Carl Schultz, Steve teague , , Jeff Toma and the entire Shut team.

1989 was also the same year Darren “Team Steam’s Moose” Menditto , Steve Herring and seven Shut boys made the NSA eastern district finals for Vert and street.



Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Nice one Rodney!!

Big thanks and best of luck with SHUT’s NYC Flagship operation. I know we will all be hanging out there soon.

Keep checking in for News and pictures from the Upcoming SHUT shop grand opening and as always go to for all your skating news.

Its vacation time!! See everyone in a week or so…. keep the emails flowing


177: The House of Steam Year One Video

172: THE House of Tom!!: EAST COAST PRIDE by Tom Groholski.



Skateboarding was way underground back in the early 80’s

after the parks closed and lots of people bailed. The fire was not

out though, not in our neck of the woods. Ramps were built in

backyards, the woods, and, yes, even barns. If you wanted to

skateboard in the Northeast, you had to work for it — build it yourself —

get out there and help others build theirs, and get it going.

The weather was also a huge obstacle. Rain was always a bummer,

but snow and ice was where it got interesting. Shovel the ramp before

the driveway. When the driveway and sidewalk were done, the ramp would

be dry. Chipping ice and melting it with space heaters was common.

Getting to ride was the payoff.

The one place shovels weren’t needed though, was the Barn. The

Kane brothers, along with Jay “Damn it!” Henry and the future Team Steam,

beat the elements with a 12′ wide, 8′ tranny, and 1′ vert ramp with angle iron

for coping. 12′ Wide was cool, but 16′ was better, and soon the ramp was

widened, layered with masonite and topped with pipe coping on the dark

side and some chunky rock top pool coping on the other.

From my vantage point, I couldn’t see the coping on the next wall

from the deck due to the beams that held the lights and the barn together.

Your hands would sometimes hit the beam if you flailed. Bats would fly,

rats, possums and raccoons dug the place and kept it interesting.

Skating at night was a bonus, but when someone would trip over the

extension cord outside, you’d better hope you weren’t riding.

You never knew who would turn up. The door would open

and “No way!” You were greeted by friends you haven’t seen in a

long time. The locals would session all of the time, but Wednesdays

and Saturdays were when the out-of-towner’s would know there would

be a session. Heavy sessions went down. Total aggression. Punk and

metal blasted, and so did the skaters. It was all happening fast, so you’d

better be paying attention.

Unreal times, great memories, and lifelong friendships, all thanks

to skateboarding. Talk about East Coast pride — mine stems from the

places we built and rode, but most importantly the people I’ve been

fortunate to get to know along the way.

Tom Groholski

For The House of Steam 2007

Tom Groholski Barn 85 Jason oliva The House of steam

Tom Groholski 85 The Barn NJ

Photo by I CHING

Not gonna say much here, Tom said it all…

I will add though the chunky pool coping was taken off of my folks back yard pool!!

thanks Mom and Dad.

Along with this crazy good essay Tom has sent us 12 seriously vintage photos so lets call it The House of Tom while I get em all posted.

Thanks to Wendy and Tony for getting it all together…(Check out

Squindo Skull The House of Steam

and Tom for the big Ole stamp of approval!!! You Rule!!




154: Just an average night at the Barn (by Dennis Kane)…NYC’s Godfather of skateboarding Jeremy Henderson, Tom Groholski and Jim Murphy circa 85


….Tommy G(roholski). Huge BS air. He would early release these things 4 feet out. ….And

(Jim) Murf(y) slapping a mean BS, with the “Flock of Sea Gulls – bo ho” hair style.. Jeffy (Roenning) speechless!
Just an average night at THE BARN
Tom Groholski The Barn 85 jason oliva the house of steam

Tom Groholski Backside air The Barn Circa 85

Jim Murphy The Barn 85 jason oliva the house of steam

Jim Murphy The barn circa 85

Jeremy Henderson The Barn jason oliva the house of steam
Jeremy Henderson The Barn NJ circa 1985


one night (’85 or ’86) my older brother Bob went to a club (“Area”) in NYC. Unknowingly, he began to chat with a world famous 1970’s pro skateboarder. Bob told him we had a Ramp in our Barn and invited him out to the country for some fresh air. Soon after, New York City’s godfather of skateboarding, Jeremy Henderson and his crew (Popo, Puppet Head, Pepe and Eileen on roller skates) showed up.
>Here is a shot (taken from the beam) of Jeremy (
Henderson) doing a super smooth BS pivot grind (or air to grind), with his shoes untied and a broken L wrist. I was slamming on my hip so much, that one day they showed up with an old pair of 1970’s padded Molly’s skate shorts for me. They looked stupid, but worked great. I still have ’em. Tommy G(roholski). and Jeffy (Roenning)look on. (photo probably by Ben)==>CORNISH

Dennis Kane

Jeremy Henderson Thrasher Cover 89

Next thing you know, he is on the cover of Thrasher mags NYC issues (c.’89).


Ill never forget those shorts..very Canucky (and orange)…..If we ever handout awards for best post this one would be a heavy contender… keep em up!!

jason oliva

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145: Rodney Smith contributes to the Noside Skate Jam Discussion (Steve Kasper does a street plant on a cop car) and adds a little history about the dawning of The SHUT era too!

Murph Rodney Mike Valelly Steve Kaspar Edisen 86 jason oliva the house of steam

Jim Murph, Rodney Smith Mike Valelly and Steve Kasper Noside (EDISON NJ) Skate Jam 1986

Steve Kasper 86 Edison jason oliva The house of steam

Steve Kasper Street Plant on a cop car 1986 Noside Skate Jam

Hey Jason…Whats up man…What up V

Yeah…Mike has summed that photo up. My two cents goes something like this. I think that 1/4 pipe is a section from Groholski’s Demo mini ramp set-up.
If I’m not mistaken the sections came from the same spot ( Staten Island skate park) as his Big ramp. The first time I ever saw (
Jim)Murf, Tom(Groholski),(Steve) Herring, (Chuck)Treece was at a 4-H demo in Jersey some where. Tom’s dad talked to my dad and told us they had purchased the Staten Island big ramp. He told us we where welcome to skate whenever sessions went down. Stoked ! Beyond words.
My friend Steve Willis and I would train it to New Brunswick and skate to North Brunswick…F’n far ways. Willis would bug the shit out of Tom (Crazy questions about how to do tricks) so much I thought he was going to ban us from the ramp. Tom and is entire family are some of the coolest people in the world hands down.

Mike (Valelly) rode the Action East deck because that was all I had to offer him at the time. I think he wore his Powell deck to shit or broke it… I worked at Freestyle in Woodbridge center mall, Woodbridge N.J. And would have hooked him with something. The Variflex boxes had stopped coming to me ( not knowing it was all toy store and no Pro program existed anymore) and Losi started his thing shortly after that.

Mike might have forgotten this fact…Powell/Peralta had lost contact with him for a minute when he moved back to N.J. From Virginia Beach. My manager said Stacy Peralta had called the shop trying to get a number for Mike. I guess nobody in VB had a number ( No cell phones…) for him. I called Stacy back and told him I would give Mike there number to call them back.

By 1986 the NYC crew and myself skated all the time. I was hitting N.Y. City on the regular and that is when the early Shut members grouped together ( as sponsored skaters) to travel and compete locally and out of own. Eli Gesner and Arron Lennox skated for SMA and Z ( George Wilson), Jeremy Henderson skated for Dogtown and Indy, Harry Jumogi skated for HOSOI, Ian From was flowed by Powell and Soho skates, Bruno Musso and Aly Moore repped Blockhead, Beasley and a few more heads got hooked up by us. we made sure heads had stuff to ride.
This was one of the original crews that made lots of noise in the city. A posse with no title, just skills. The Shut era had began and we didn’t even know it yet.

It was the end of 87’ that we assembled together to form a rebellion against the industry for producing shitty decks that only catered to Vert riding. Of course nothing against Vert riding( we skated whatever to our best abilities) the decks back then showed “ True Colors” of weakness as far as all around skating was concerned. SHUT was born to self cater to our needs. Bruno, Aly, Jeremy and myself took it upon ourselves to make a change.

The House of Steam Rules


Thanks as always to Rodney (Click for SHUTNYC)...Derek Rinaldi (especially for getting this history out to the world) and Mike V (hardest working man in the Skatebusimenship, go see Revolution Mother perform!!)

This stuff is priceless. One pic with Murph, Rodney , Mike and Kasper… that crew covered every aspect of skating, music, business, travel… just living, that I can think of.

In my opinion this was a pivotal moment in East Coast Skate History let alone Skate history as a whole.

This is what The House of Steam project is all about…Keep it coming fellas!!!

If you where at the Noside event send your stuff to us (hell send what you got regardless)