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613: 3rd annual Shut Shop Skate Summit [SSSS] Michael Cohen, Jason Oliva, Rodney and Kieran Smith

Rodney and Kieran Smith and Jason Oliva


Rodney and Kieran Smith, Jason Oliva, Michael Cohen

So I have been away working hard with regards to art but now I am back, somewhat. So we had the third annual SHUT Shop Skate Summit [SSSS]. I am glad to say that in a matter of three years attendance has doubled in size! This year Rodney and I were joined by Michael ‘The Concierge” Cohen and next gen Smith-Kieran. Michael was just randomly rockin the [EN-JAY] shirt when I turned up. As per normal we chatted and set the skate world to right but the hot topic for me was the new Jamie Affoumado board that Shut put out. Its got killer graphics derived from Jaime’s Karate certificate and sick shape….We are gonna get these up in the shop ASAP, in the meantime checkout the cool new SHUT shirts, Eli killed it with this ONE

Great time

Thanks my Brutha’s


PS – Thanks for the kick..Sean K!

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280: Deathbox to Downtown: The Evolution of Skateboarding in New York premier with Derek Rinaldi

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Ok this would have been fun to attend but alas I am an ocean away. Lucky for us I have my eyes an ears (Oil )Derek Rinaldi. Here are some words and a gallery of whose who pictures from Derek. Congrats to Rick and Buddy sounds like their three year labor of love is a big hit. Cannot wait to see it!!


So maybe it’s getting old. All this remembering, talking about the good old days, with websites blogs and magazines dedicated to how things used to be. How it was when I/we were young. Maybe we are spending too much time in the past. Maybe we are missing something in our present by doing so.
But then again, maybe, in the chaos that is adult life. It’s healthy to remember what made you happy growing up, what made you who you are. The things we remember most, before the families happened, before everyone moved away. Time goes by, days lose their face and, the years, they add up so quickly that by the time you have time to look back….
But what would you do if you could go back in time? What if you could see all of your old friends in one place.? What if the images weren’t just in your mind? But organized, and a soundtrack put to it and words narrated. What would you call a place? I’d call it heaven. And for 48 hours, this week, in New York City, it was close to it.
For three years, Rick Charnoski & Coan “Buddy” Nichols had been laboring on a project documenting the history of skateboarding in New York City.
Fast forward to Thursday night at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center where even the guest list line wrapped around the building. The courtyard was filled with reunions. Skaters, Photographers, Old friends. The following night there was a special gallery installation celebrating the release of the film, curated by Ivory Serra. It featured photographic history of skateboarding in New York City as well as artwork selected by Jeremy Hendersen from the Stanton St. Vault and live music by Alex Blake Quartet.
Deathbox To Downtown is more than just a historical timeline. It’s more than a movie. It is a direct connection to New York’s skateboard and cultural past and I am thankful to have been apart of it then and now.
Derek Rinaldi

268: SHUT NYC 1986-Forever: Shut Mechanics shop opening party. Congrats Rodney!

I’ve made the trip a million times before. NJ to NYC. Park in
Hoboken. In the 80’s,  I’d take the PATH to 9th street then cross
the street to Bruno Musso’s apt where most of the SHUT gang would have
assembled on any given Saturday.

The 90’s brought Zoo York and trips to 13th and Hudson Street, above
Hogs & Heffers, passing Tippy’s jazz bar and the prostitutes and drug
pushers in the meat district. Then, before the end, it was Times
Square baby.

Pushing time forward we arrive at 158 Orchard Street for the opening
of The Shut Mechanics shop. The first retail endeavor for a company
with a rich history in NYC. New York City’s first skateboard company
has been pushing it’s wheels through the city streets for over twenty
years and is set up to be here for another twenty.

The crowd, as you would, imagine was overflowing from the narrow
storefront and the drinks flowed steadily at the after party @ 205.

SHUT NYC 1986 – Forever

Derek Rinaldi





OBED RIOS & Derek Rinaldi



Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Maaaaaaan I wish I made it to this NYC SKATE HISTORY 2.0 party. Congrats Rodney hopefully I will fly in an drop by the shop soon.

Here is a picture I took of Puppet back in the 80’s Tom Groholski, Papo, and Puppethead came and skated The Girl ramp with us one day in NJ.

Puppethead NJ Girl Ramp

Jaime Puppethead Affoumado NJ 1986? Girl Ramp

Photo Jason Oliva


Dont Forget Puppets Jazz Bar as well as SHUT Happens the new SHUT Blog