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419: Mike Frazier, Leonard Trubia, Paul Larson, Milford Barnes, Todd Morrow and Darrin Rutlidge…Florida 1990

342: Sean Miller 1990 Cheapskates

304: Wasted Days TV (Larry Ransom):Featuring never before seen footage of Brian Lotti, Sean Sheffey, Willy Santos, Rudy Johnson, Jim Thiebaud, Barker Barrett, Jordan Richter, Salman Agah and even a pre-Hollywood, Jason Lee.

297: The Almighty Sean Miller 1990 National Champion, Cheap Skates Business Card

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Quite an addition to the archive!!


289: Sean Sheffey – A Soldiers Story 1991

236: New Jersey Skate Legend JT Murphy. Films by Jeff Roenning 1990

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Ummmm? These are priceless!

Is that Lake Riviera and the 78 ditch I spy in the first one.

I am going on a holiday next week so I figure I will leave these up till I return, see how many comments we generate.

Ps Corn we need to see the JT 80’s skate demo!

Nice one Jeff, keep em rolling in!!


JT MURPHY 1990 16MM Film Jeff Roenning

JT MURPHY 16mm Film Jeff Roenning

222: Santa Cruz Skateboard Demo Livi Scotland 1990: Jeff Kendall, Tom Knox, Jaime Blair, Mathius Bauer, Clause Grabke

Tom Knox-Red Santa Cruz Shirt
Jamie Blair-White Shirt /Helmet and Red Shorts
Jeff Kendell-Black Helmet and Black Shirt
Mathius Bauer-Grey Shirt and Black Helmet/pony tail
Claus Grabke-Black helmet and Grey Shirt

The sounds of skating in this video are just too cool.

The More skate photos at The House of Steam…

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