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172: THE House of Tom!!: EAST COAST PRIDE by Tom Groholski.



Skateboarding was way underground back in the early 80’s

after the parks closed and lots of people bailed. The fire was not

out though, not in our neck of the woods. Ramps were built in

backyards, the woods, and, yes, even barns. If you wanted to

skateboard in the Northeast, you had to work for it — build it yourself —

get out there and help others build theirs, and get it going.

The weather was also a huge obstacle. Rain was always a bummer,

but snow and ice was where it got interesting. Shovel the ramp before

the driveway. When the driveway and sidewalk were done, the ramp would

be dry. Chipping ice and melting it with space heaters was common.

Getting to ride was the payoff.

The one place shovels weren’t needed though, was the Barn. The

Kane brothers, along with Jay “Damn it!” Henry and the future Team Steam,

beat the elements with a 12′ wide, 8′ tranny, and 1′ vert ramp with angle iron

for coping. 12′ Wide was cool, but 16′ was better, and soon the ramp was

widened, layered with masonite and topped with pipe coping on the dark

side and some chunky rock top pool coping on the other.

From my vantage point, I couldn’t see the coping on the next wall

from the deck due to the beams that held the lights and the barn together.

Your hands would sometimes hit the beam if you flailed. Bats would fly,

rats, possums and raccoons dug the place and kept it interesting.

Skating at night was a bonus, but when someone would trip over the

extension cord outside, you’d better hope you weren’t riding.

You never knew who would turn up. The door would open

and “No way!” You were greeted by friends you haven’t seen in a

long time. The locals would session all of the time, but Wednesdays

and Saturdays were when the out-of-towner’s would know there would

be a session. Heavy sessions went down. Total aggression. Punk and

metal blasted, and so did the skaters. It was all happening fast, so you’d

better be paying attention.

Unreal times, great memories, and lifelong friendships, all thanks

to skateboarding. Talk about East Coast pride — mine stems from the

places we built and rode, but most importantly the people I’ve been

fortunate to get to know along the way.

Tom Groholski

For The House of Steam 2007

Tom Groholski Barn 85 Jason oliva The House of steam

Tom Groholski 85 The Barn NJ

Photo by I CHING

Not gonna say much here, Tom said it all…

I will add though the chunky pool coping was taken off of my folks back yard pool!!

thanks Mom and Dad.

Along with this crazy good essay Tom has sent us 12 seriously vintage photos so lets call it The House of Tom while I get em all posted.

Thanks to Wendy and Tony for getting it all together…(Check out

Squindo Skull The House of Steam

and Tom for the big Ole stamp of approval!!! You Rule!!




122: Bryan Kienlen of The Bouncing Souls checks in with The House of Steam

I grew up in Basking Ridge, watching Jay Henry, Greg Colescott and Tom Groholski
skate Jay’s ramp, the Barn and the GirlRamp(Purdy’s house). I was just a
grom hanging out with my bud Wig. We’d skate the ditch, then hit the Barn
and the Girly ramp, where we learned a lot. I remember Weepy (r.i.p.)very
well too. Although I was always intimidated as a grom, the Kanes and all
the guys that skated the Barn were cool to us. I almost broke my wrist
learning to drop in at the barn, being cheered on the the older guys. I
eventually got better over the years. I’ve included a picture of my
backyard ramp, (built entirely on stolen wood ha ha). Here is a pic of me
and my pal Sean learning at the Barn. (I’m the one standing on the
platform, Sean’s working on the frontside) The other is me chucking an Indy
air at the Girl Ramp. (Dig the old Dogtown deck) I wish I had more pics
to share, but it’s rad that you guys have a site, Wig turned me on to it.
I’ve lost touch with Jay Henry, but am newly in touch with Greg Colescott if
you guys remember who he was. He was a kid who moved from Huntington to
Basking Ridge and skated Jay’s house all the time in the mid eighties. I
also keep tabs on the Raging Lamos/Stevie D. I went on to start a band,
we’re called The Bouncing Souls and are still at it, making lots of records
and touring all the time. Thanks a lot!

jason oliva the house of steam Bryan Kienlen the bouncing souls

Bryan Kienlen The bouncing SOuls jason oliva the house of steam

Bryan Kienlen The bouncing SOuls backyard ramp jason oliva the house of steam

Thanks Bryan!!

The first time I saw The Bouncing Souls I was standing in a driveway and they were in a garage it was near Rutgers (i think) and a handful of peeps got together to hear them play one Saturday afternoon. They did a kick ass cover of FEAR’s I dont care about you. Well they have moved on to some lofty heights since those days in the late 80’s I guess its all NJ music history now. Head over to their website and buy all their T’s and records…

SO SAYS=> The House of Steam !!!!

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