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374: Dave Nunn Circa 84 A typical NJ DRIVEWAY SKATEPARK


Dave Nunn Watchung NJ circa 84

Photo Jason Oliva

Jason Oliva

Here is Dave Nunn a great childhood friend of mine sporting a silver Cab (The early 80’s weapon of choice, I was a Hawk man myself). Dave operated a typical NJ Driveway Skatepark (see also McDowells, Padulo’s, Hanley’s,Pruskowski’s) with a wedge ramp. Dave was obsessed with hand stands (I remember later this day one of these ended badly with a bloodied face) While this was going on David Lackland had an 8 foot wide ramp, The Padulo Brothers and The Mcdowells were building, Tag had an 8 foot wide ramp, Jeff Roenning was building his 2nd or third monster ramp the Barn was up and running, Groholski’s was towering over his neighborhood and there where plenty of ditches to ride. All in Central N-Jay.In a couple years a younger generation would be convinced to join the fray and start building (Klein, Foncek, whoever owned The Girl Ramp)…. It was just a waiting game to grow up  get a car and start hopping around.