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622: Crappy Skates Bernie O’Dowd Signature Model : Vote for Number Two – Brilliant

UMMMMM?  Brilliant!

You know you I want TWO!!!!

click the pic to purchase


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534: New!! ‘Random Entry’ Button on THOS.

With over 500 entries and nearly 1000 photos (I will tell you when we get to 1000….and its close!) the  New ‘Random Entry’ Button seemed like a great way to navigate the site. Even I have been caught in its spiralling productivity destroying grasp. Most people have a .1-.2 percent chance if  you want play the self appearance game, unless you are Bernie then you have a 5.9% chance of seeing yourself. I guess that stands to reason because Bernie probably did more tricks then you and he also did them all backwards so that doubles the amount of tricks and potential photo ops….Also if you are brainy I have seem to have given you enough information in this post to calculate exactly how many images are currently on The House of Steam.

I situated the Random Button over on the side bar so as you read a random post it slowly creeps back into the picture begging you into another go…

Damm you to Hell Random Button!!! Damm you to Helllllll!



527: Hey Look! Mark Podgurski and Bernie too

Mark Podgurski Woodward

Photo Nina Isabella

I am slowly untangling the knotted ball of yarn that is my hardrive, here is a long overdue entrant into THOS..Mark Podgurski skating at Woodward (where was that exactly?) I know Geoff was there because I have a small smoldering pile of burnt photographic evidence. Everyone say cool things about Mark now.



Here is a pic of Mark and Bernie…at the Penn State ramp?

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521: My Ebay Didn’t Win (2) NOS Rob Mertz Zorlac sticker 1980’s Pusshead

$20.59! I was way outbid on this gem…and a cool clear one too boot. I do have one on a white background flowed to me by Rob back in the day. It is safely tucked away in a stack along with my weird Tommy G a Bernie O’Dowd a Jay Henry Creation a Steve Mannion Creation some Pipeline Stickers and all of my Team Steam stickers (which I will post the remainder of Steam Cards when I am in the same place as them)


516: Blue Monday, More Fiber-Rider ramp fun…Silver Apple ramp Jersey Shore: Dave Padulo

Dave Padulo Silver Apple skate Shop Contest Jersey Shore


Love that vid Chuck posted.  I only met him once or twice but I always really liked him.  Total Renaissance man.  I still have a cassette tape of a bunch of McRad / McShred demos he did somewhere.  I barely knew him and it just showed up in my mail box back in the day.

But what the post reminded me of was…did I ever send you the color picture of me at the Silver Apple Skate Contest?  I found it when Jeff was in town and we were going through all the old photos.  It was just as I remembered.  That video of Chuck could have been the same freaking ramp too.  I’ll attach it again just in case.  Love the color in it..the blue ramp, my orange helmet, and my black Tommy G Jersey Devil board which he flowed me for getting him some pool coping.

Dave Padulo

Oh and what happened to that Vision Black Tom Groholski Jersey Devil board?

Sanded down and painted on (DOH!)…take that Wall Street Journal!

I wonder if Tom still has the pool coping…

Jason Oliva


Lets not forget Post 442: Matt Padulo, Bernie O’Dowd, Jeff Jones and Harry Jumonji:



509: Spit and Goo Issue 2 “THE BARN ISSUE” and Mark Gonzales comes to En-Jay by Ken and Steve Deitz 1986

Spit and Goo Issue 2 1986 By Ken and Steve Deitz NJ

BARN article

WestWood Cycle Sponsored contest with Marc Gonzalez

This is well worth a read… classic 80’s skatezine from ken and Steve Deitz. All the usual suspects appear in The Barn section. It really makes me recall what was going on in our lives circa 1986. I must admit to having watched Mark Gonzales instead of the contest.

Great stuff

Thanks to Jeff Roenning for vaulting this gem all these years.

499: Jeff Phillips: Makes Trashmore look like a mini ramp

Ok I gotta thank Bernie for spotting this one and putting it out on FB… Also thanks to Unscene Productions in Maryland for putting this together. How crazy is that one frontside boneless over the channel…if you watched the vid you know the one…Jeff Phillips…crazy.

Jason Oliva