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581: [THOS] 1000th+ archived photograph: Patrick Allen The Pipeline, Upland CA 1978


Patrick Allen The Pipeline Upland CA 1978

Photo by Gary Polit

The 1000th archived photograph! Well actually we are well passed 1000 now but before I even thought to check it had happened. I figured since there are only 365 days in a year it maybe 2013 before another similar milestone comes along so I better hand out the honor to a photo soon.

Patrick Allen during a warm up for a contest at the Pipeline in 1978! Patrick was a serious local at the park throughout the 70’s and 80’s and since next to The Barn and the NJ ditch the Pipeline was my favorite place I figured lets give the 1000th honors to Patrick for having the oldest photo of the coolest place. This is one of those vintage 70’s shots, when the boards were the photographic feature, like a car ad almost. This was taken in the bowl at the end of the snake run that gets interrupted by the full pipe that gave the place its name. Other then the combi pool there was not a lick of coping in the whole place. We will hear more from Patrick for sure especially now that I am wading into the ‘Vintage’ photo waters.

Since we are on the topic of skate photographs and the archive here is a primer for what I consider the categories for Skate Photo’s:

Photos from the dawn of man till 1981 Think anything up until the first Issue of News Print Thrasher are ‘Vintage’

Photos from 1981-around 1991 Think Powell/Vision, Cab, Hawk, Tom and Mike, Marc,Natas are ‘Classic’

Photos post 1991-2004(Think Danny Way, Colin Mckay,Bob Burnquist, Tom Boyle, Darren Menditto etc etc kick flips on vert) are ‘Modern’

Photos post 2004-present  Think X-games ‘X’ Mega Ramp ‘Big Air contest’, padless vert riding and street skaters with rubber bones clearing sets of steps that make one feel more nervous then hanging your board out to drop into the mega ramp—-are ‘Post Modern’

Those are the four categories (Vintage,Classic,Modern, and post Modern. Later we can talk about the four types.

So enjoy the fist 1000 collection of archived Vintage,Classic,Modern and Post Modern Skate Photographs as I sort out the next 1000. Thanks to all the contributors who have dusted off their photo albums for safe keeping on [THOS]…your names are all listed to the right so you know who you are!

Also thanks to all the people who have been using the referral code to sign up for DropBox, all of THOS is backed up there and the extra free storage you and I receive for using Dropbox has been invaluable…especially when I receive picture files that are 20+ Mega Bytes each…(600 wide, 72dpi, saved for web..please) and loads of new videos for THOS.TV

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