263: The Almighty Sean Miller!!

Sean Miller Mellon to fakie jason oliva the house of steam

Sean Miller Mellon to Fakie

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Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Ok chime in here with the who, what, where, an whens. Lets here some thoughts about Sean for the Archive. Please send any pictures to Jasonoliva@gmail.com


  1. Ben Miller Says:
    November 20, 2007 at 2:50 am I’m Sean’s brother Ben Miller. I’ve recently discovered this site. I appreciate the memories on this web site. Sean will always be missed by those who knew him. I live on with the attitude he displayed in his vert days challenging myself to a military career and battling terrorist. Team Steam and its members was definately a part of my growing up and made me what I am today. Rick Charno and TAG were awesome guys to shred with. To all old friends I can be reached at fastbenny@aol.com
  1. Madison Miller Says:
    November 20, 2007 at 4:01 am eI am Madison Miller, Sean’s niece. I never got the chance to meet my uncle, but it is always special to me to hear of his legacy. My dad is always sharing memories of their wild times together and I love to see old pictures and footage of those days.

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52 thoughts on “263: The Almighty Sean Miller!!

  1. Angel

    Hi! I have a Gordon & Smith “Sean Miller” Deck. I do not have information about he. I have searched in google, but this web is the only thing that I have found.

    1. rick Arnott

      Are you looking to sell that deck, I was a friend of Sean’s and has always wanted a mint deck of his, the others I have used. Please let me know either way.

  2. Ben Miller

    I’m Sean’s brother Ben Miller. I’ve recently discovered this site. I appreciate the memories on this web site. Sean will always be missed by those who knew him. I live on with the attitude he displayed in his vert days challenging myself to a military career and battling terrorist. Team Steam and its members was definately a part of my growing up and made me what I am today. Rick Charno and TAG were awesome guys to shred with. To all old friends I can be reached at fastbenny@aol.com

  3. Madison Miller

    I am Madison Miller, Sean’s niece. I never got the chance to meet my uncle, but it is always special to me to hear of his legacy. My dad is always sharing memories of their wild times together and I love to see old pictures and footage of those days.

  4. Taylor

    The Miller’s were crazy. I remember going to some house Sean, Ben (maybe Rob Crow) and others all lived in. The porch was filled with pizza boxes and beer cans – It was digusting (I miss the old Cheap Skates times.)

    Both brothers ripped.

  5. Todd Morrow

    I had the priveledge to skate with Sean a few times on his trips to Florida. He was always an inspiration. That guy was way ahead of the curve and likely would have been a huge name if he lived in SoCal. I’d love to see more video of him on the internet.

    Now Ben, that guy’s trouble! Lol…. You almost got me put in jail you bastard.

  6. mean gene

    Sean was a Jedi. He was one of my idols. The guy from our town who made it. In life and skateboarding. I was psyched to be initiated into the crew. Fast friends.He was kicked out of cheapskates for life, so I drove him almost every day 2 1/2 hours to bricktown to skate.Right when everyone thought he was done. Bricktown had its first pro contest and Sean came in 3rd right behind Tom Boyle with Tony Hawk winning. HE RIPPED. He had joined the coast guard and I hadn’t seen him in a while. The night he died he had called me to go out and party but I missed the call by a couple minutes. If i had gotten the call I would have been in that truck with him.He’s missed by all!

    1. stevo

      Hey, Just read you comments. I have in my possesion a 1986 (I believe)Sean Miller fully set up deck with Tracker trucks and little italian wheels. Get this.. IT HAS NEVER BEEN RIDEN…IT IS BRAND NEW… Pretty sweet huh? If you know of anybody who would be interested in buying it let me know. Thanks, Sean did rip and I loved watching him skate.831.402.8376 Steven

    2. Brett

      Shawn was one of the coolest guys I ever met, I was in the Coast Guard with Sean and am glad to see a site like this. He told us a great story about getting from his home in PA all the way to California with 5 dollars in his pocket. This guy joined the guard to jump out of Helicopters. he was definitly an athelete that lived life to the fullest. I miss Shawn and wish Mala well.

  7. derek krasauskas

    Sean was a POWER house and a good friend. He is missed and his name still comes up often when talking about eastcoast vert… R.I.P.

  8. Jim Borden

    I met Sean in the Coast Guard when he was assigned to the Coast Gaurd Cutter Red Beech. He was full of life and one of the best friends I had in the service. I remember he wanted to get out because the service wasn’t for him… he had told me that he wanted to get involved in snow boarding. Sean new the USCG wasn’t for him he was meant for bigger and better things! He was finally on his way out…I was going on leave for 2 weeks during that time he was going to seperate from the service, the day I left I remember telling him that if I didn’t see him again ‘to have a great life’. He wanted to be with his fiance and live life to the fullest. The last thing he said to me was ‘don’t worry bro we’ll hang out again’ then I shook his hand and gave him a hug. The next day I found out that he was killed in an accident. I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t hit me until I went to his funeral. He was truly loved by alot of people…he made a lasting impression on everyone he met!
    I have a 12 year old son who loves skateboarding and I think how great it would have been if he could have met Sean… he will always be missed!!! R.I.P Sean

    1. Mark A Tripodi

      I was living with Sean and his Fiance right before he entered the coast guard. He was an older brother to me. Always there as trouble somehow followed me in my youth .. Thank You so much Jim for sharing this. My daughter is blessed to have his first name as her middle name and not a day goes by that I am not putting effort into making sure his passing was not for nothing ! Til we meeet again..

      Mark Tripodi

  9. Andrew

    Sean is missed by many. I went to high school with him and Ben, they were cool dudes. I remember the shithole in Dublin, good times! A bunch of guys living in sin without a refrigerator. If Sean were still alive, I still be bothering him for my videotaped copy of “White Bun Busters” (or did I steal that from him?). Sean was a hard act to follow. I think he took my sister’s virginity.

  10. Ken Gilbride

    I have been looking for photos and video of the people I used to skate with for the last few months when I get some down time, and I have stumbled on some interesting stuff, however Sean was without a doubt the best I ever had the pleasure of skating with. More importantly, he was one of the best people I have ever known. I think about him and the rest of the guys often, and laugh at the incredible times we shared. He will always be missed.
    Ken G.

  11. Chad

    I was searching for some old decks to decorate my garage with & came across this page. Props to those involved. I can’t add much more than what’s already been said by Ben & Gene – Sean was a great guy & an inspiration to many of us. Now we’re all growns up & married w/ all of life’s responsibilities… but I often yearn for the days of yore when Sean & friends were the life of the party & there was fun to be had every waking moment.

    “Forever Young”

  12. ketch

    When it comes down to it, their are too many things to mention about the kind of person Sean was and always will be.He lived the perfect life.He would skate during the day, and then drink and have the time of his life every night! Everyone that knew him, loved him. Even the ones who would show up to the apartment just to start a fight,,,you know who you are.
    Parties, they were the best. Bush pounders? Icy hot (Rob)? With Sean, their was always something going on,,,good or bad.
    Sean, thanks for being you. You helped make me a better person. You will always be missed.

  13. Rob K

    I knew Sean and Ben growing up – those days were the best! Like chad says.. we’re all grown up now married w/ kids.. whoda thunk it?

    Sean will always be missed and is a legend not only in our area but around the world.

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  15. mike

    I miss sean alot.He was always there if you needed to talk or someone was messing with you.Sean was a powerhouse.I was about 15 years old and I couldn’t believe I was hanging out with my idol.The next four years hanging with sean ben and the whole dublin crew changed my life.When he passed was one of the saddest days of many of our lives.PA POWER.Miss you bro.

  16. Eric

    I grew up with Sean in D-town. We were in the same grade so we crossed paths from elementary through H.S. He was a funny, FUNNY guy. My 20 year H.S. reunion is fast approaching and Sean will certainly be missed. I had an oral speech class with him in H.S. and I can remember him giving a speech on how to make chocolate chip cookies to fulfill the speech requirement. He had forgotten to bring a spoon so he improvised by using someones pencil to mix the cookie dough. We were all in tears his speech was so hilarious. That was typical of Sean though, class clown. He dies much too young but it’s nice to see that his talent was admired and he lives on through sites like this.

  17. Rich

    Man, Sean was a legend for us locals in Montgomery County. I remembered his artwork even to this day, and an interview saying that his mother used to throw pots and pans at him and his brother for acting up. It’s very sad that he passed away at such a young age, but his memory lives on!

  18. Adam (Scissors) Effertz

    I met Sean at the NSA Amateur Finals in 1989 in Phoenix AZ which he dominated and won easy. I believe I was the youngest kid competing in the vert contest and a lot of the older guys were tough on me but Sean was so kind and friendly. I really admired not only his skating which was the best I had seen up to that point but his disposition and demeanor. He was a truly a special person and his loss is felt by many.

  19. MattyP

    I saw Sean skate at the playground in connecticut one time. fred smith and tom boyle were also there that night when a great session broke out on the vert ramp. fred was ripping with big frontside airs and long layback grinds with the loosest trucks i ever saw on a ramp – i mean the washers were jiggling on the king pins. tom was floating huge, chest high back side ollies across the ramp with no pads and fully extended mayday grinds to fakie. but sean stole the show. one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen- sean came up and did this huge method right in front of me, completely tweaked backwards and his board tapped the flourescent light fixture hanging 8 feet above the coping with the board. As he came back down into the ramp this curtain of masonite dust fell in behind him. i just remember how strong his style was. he would stick those tricks with force. i was a little grommet hanging around and i remember he was cool, said whats up, acknowlegded me. that meant a lot cause he was the best i had ever seen in person. when i heard he died, i was bummed out. rip, sean.

  20. Candice

    Sean is many different things to so many people. With each of his friends he shared a special connection all its own. Thats why you always felt so special around him. The sencerity in his eyes when he listened and gave gentle guidance. Or the “whatever, you only live once” look his eyes would occupy when you found yourself the getaway driver in a well exicuted “dine & shine.” He was always such a joy to be around , no matter what the situation…..possibly sitting at the police station, or at my senior prom. Always laughing. I guess what I miss the most is the sence of adventure Sean brought out in me. I liked the daring, risk taker I found myself being with my friends, our friends. I wish I had 5 more minutes of that freedom that come with youth. Such bittersweet memories. I cant wait to see you again my little monchichi!!Ben is the sweetest reminder of Sean for me and I love seeing him! It has been far too long since I laid my eyes on him! Lots of love! Candi

  21. Heather C

    I grew up knowing sean most of my life. my sister dated him when they were in lenape together. sean, ben steve, and harry were always at our house in D-town on East Oakland Avenue and even back then sean would say that he was going to be a pro-skater. i still have one of his skate tees from back then when I was a kid that he gave me. he was like a big brother to me. he brought joy to everyone that met him and of course always had you laughing. my mom “mrs. c” as the boys called her loved them all and always welcomed them to our house. as i grew older as did those guys, my sister lost touch, but i still hung out with them at the Apt in Dublin. there were some crazy parties, but sean was always looking out for me and keeping me from getting in trouble which wasn’t easy. i miss him and think of him often, but i also have great memories. what i would give for one more day with him.

  22. Mark Tripodi

    I occasionally pass by the home where we once lived on Main st. I cannot believe how much that area has changed. The memories I have growing up can never be replaced. I live a life today that is very different but utilize all the valuable lessons of my youth. My little girls love skateboarding and probably will be rippin soon enough. Sean is so powerful in my life . I look forward to seeing him again one day!

    1. Allison Grasso

      Hmmmmm, there’s really not much I can say that hasn’t already been said. Sean was one of my best friends since the 4th grade, when he moved here. We used to roller skate together during the “copuple’s skate” at Jamison Roller Rink…palms sweaty/hearts racing, goofy with puberty. He was always a standup guy! His whole family holds a special place in my heart:) I can’t think of anyone as cool as him, and not a day passes when I don’t think of him or miss him in some way. As for you, Mark, I remember us all being “wanted” for the kidnapping of young Mark Tripodi at our senior week house. I’m glad to hear you are happy and fantastic!

  23. Tonia Richard (Tiech)

    It’s amazing (but not surprising) to hear how many lives Sean touched. I hung out with Sean in 8th grade BEFORE his skating days – the Bianchi days! We had so many good times exploring adolescence. You can’t think about Sean without a smile on your face. It’s so nice to see so many entries from familiar names and nice to be back in touch with some of you – Ben, Kyle – where’s Harry and Steve? I remember what his fiancee said at Sean’s funeral about him befriending a young child in the islands while they were on vacation – isn’t that so like him? He is greatly missed but clearly he is still living within us all. Love ya Sean.

  24. Randal

    I was in the original crew with Sean, Ben, Steve and others. We all got boards together after Steve came back from the shore with one. Sean was truly an exceptional person floating easily between social castes in school, being nice to everyone and making us laugh. But only as an adult have I appreciated what he did skating. While he was definitely talented that wasn’t what made him great; he just KNEW, from the day he got his board, that he could do ANYTHING. He’d pick a trick that was far beyond what anyone around us was doing and just keep trying it. He’d fall dozens of times and hurt himself a lot but he just never stopped going for it and he always succeeded. He lived his all too short life that way too. I miss him and think of him often.

  25. Scott Arnebold

    Earlier today when reconnecting with an old friend Sean’s name came up. Back when I was around 11 years old I use to skate with him nearly every weekend at CheapSkates. My dad would drive me 2 hours from North NJ to skate. Sean was a true inspiration to me. It was great to skate with him and Tom Boyle and all the rest of the old school CheapSkates crew. I remember Sean dialing up G&S from the park after he pushed me to stick a 360 over that spine ramp.. haha

    Sean attacked that vert ramp and truly owned it. I miss you, I’ll always remember those times, skating after you passed has never been the same.

    For anyone who might hit this site and remembers me from back in the day, feel free to email me. arnebold@gmail.com
    (I was that little kid, the youngest one on the vert ramp, with all the big kids =)

  26. Scott Arnebold

    I just viewed the one video, Its a little blurry but I’m pretty sure thought thats me, my day and my friend on the graffiti side for a good portion of that video.. the memories..

  27. bob miller

    me my sis and my 2 crazzy cuzzies. when uncle ben died after the funeral we went back to ant litas house and thay dresed me up like a skater. man a city boy looking like a skater. it might have bin the best time of my life. god i wish i would have none that my cuz the old almighy sean miller would be gone i would have got on that bored and tryed that half pipe. RIP IN PEACE SEAN. yor with kare and uncle bob now. love ya

  28. table2press

    I remember driving out to Cheapskates for the first time from Jersey – hours in the car. Never saw a vert ramp in real life until that day. Walked into cheapskates – couldnt skate tranny at all.. Walked up to the shop upstairs to survey the whole park and see what we were getting into. Looking across the park at the half pipe I see a dude bust a perfect McTwist way over head high. I had never seen any vert skating in real life before – and there was Sean Miller floating the most perfect McTwist I had ever seen. Shit was magic.

  29. Taylor

    I always laugh when I think about one of the Kane Brothers’ infamous Halloween party that Sean came dressed as the Incredible Hulk and Ben was some sort of cowboy on a mop for a horse. He had us laughing all night

  30. Marty

    Wow! so glad to find this site thanks to Ben on facebook of all places. Love to read all these stories, and I’ll have to admit I’m teary eyed. Anybody who has met Sean in one way or another in their life should consider themselves lucky and blessed. Sean was the fucking MAN, in every possible sense of that word. He is a legend, not just now, but while he was living his life. And nobody knew more about living than Sean. There are old men in their 90s who will never know how to truly live like Sean knew how to do so well. He wasn’t just a friend and role model, but an older brother to me. I would skip junior high school and he would come over to get a tan on my roof! and eat all my mom’s food in the kitchen. he would get genuinely pissed at me if I missed one day of skating! Sean was everything, a bad ass with a heart of gold. So inspiring, motivating and funny as shit. Vert ripper! my god. Power House. I still have all his magazine spreads. One with a little pic of Chuck Treece in the corner. His black and white Check Out. The expressions on Sean’s face proved how much he was going for it. I miss you bro. And Ben, although I see you once in a blue moon, you will always be my bro as well. Love you guys.

  31. mike coyle

    shawn came to brandon with ben in early 1990 or later 80s or so…he was destroying our vert ramp..at that time he was working on ollie mctwists! i could not beleive how good this guy was…i was skating for underground skateboards at the time and i subsequently had a pic in the still life section of transworld sept 1990 issue doing a backside method on the brandon ramp and ben miller can be seen standing on the deck across from me performing the air…sean had gone home and ben stayed and hung out…what up ben????! he and i became friends and we were scamming on melony and another young girl lol..remember that? well, before sean left, me, shawn, ben, brian shaefer, melony, “chink saw”, and another girl all went out partying on this deck that went out into the woods…i was the only one 21 so i bought the case or two of beer…well, as we were drinking and partying, i beleive it was schaefer?? and his girl got into a verbal yelling match…this brought the cops out…u could see them coming down the boardwalk out to get us! i had my id in my shoes and all i could think of was getting busted for “contributing to delinquency of minors” being that every single other person was under 21…well, sean jumped into the lake/canal/ river and got away!! i jumped a huge 10 foot barb wire topped fence and hid under a hiway overpass…he cops yelled and yealled and even had the girls yell “come out mike” “come on out shawn” all nite..i swear..for like 2 or 3 hours…anyway, u can imagine when i heard shwan was dead, i was in total disbelief, i had jsut met THE toughest son of a bithc that i ever met in my whole life! how could he be dead!! anybody remember any of this email me at elyocekim2@aol.com…god rest sean’s soul

  32. yo

    I’m his cuzz. i have so many memories of him it hurts sometimes. i named my sun after him. boy i miss him. i’m 260lbs and he was my body guard. lol! that dud was crazzy. his brother was no different. and miss him to. if any one can reach ben tell him to call me please 2159839462 don’t care its a pre payed

  33. Pete Franchville

    It’s so great to see so many people that Sean touched… Personally, he was one of my heroes on the ramp. Sean always had a way of cheering for you and telling to do that 2ft frontside air again like it was big shit, even though he just pulled a Miller flip or face high method to fakie. I have one tape of Sean and I skating cheapskates and my son shows all his buddies and is like that’s my Dad and his buddy Sean… Those were really the days… I can’t wait to talk to Ben, we had the best skate trips……

  34. Weez

    It is the real feel seeing all you bros writing about Sean. I have so many memories of Sean, the first time I saw him skate was at a madrid demo behind Peddlers bike shop in Lansdale round 86 he did an acid drop of a tractor trailer, the following year I saw him rip at the bones brigade tour at Tuns tavern in Phila. Then Cheapskates came along and for the next three years I got to see him change from an awesome street skater to the best vert skater. Those were some off the best years of my life , pages could be written and were. The thing I love most is how many people, were so close to Sean ,he never excluded anyone , he brought all of us on his ride. He was a better person then he was a skater and was so human and made mistakes , took advantage of people, trashed houses , ate everyone’s food,stole there girlfriends and still got invited to the party the next week.I was so lucky to share in a brief window of his life . He is missed daily in my life and the legend doesn’t grow it doesn’t need to. He was always just Sean , Skater , Brother , Son, Friend. Time passes on but it only takes a second to transform the present to the past where Sean’s smile and laugh can be seen and heard doing what he loved on his terms.

  35. Ketch

    Its now been 15years since we lost our friend Sean. I wanted everyone to remember this day forever!!
    R.I.P my friend, you’ll never be forgotten.

  36. David L

    Was looking for his old board and ran across this site. Nice to see the memories that people had of Sean and Ben.

    Growing up down the street, my favorite memories were sending out these plastic warship models that were left in their house when they moved in. Sending them out on the pond in the back burning while we threw rocks at them to sink em…

  37. Jessica Nuveen

    I knew Sean in high school. I was part of the crew- Sean, John,Harry,Ben, Mark and a whole bunch more. It was back in the Team Toxic days with more than one trip to VA Beach. Sean was an incredible force. No matter what, he was having fun. I remember the first date I had with John- Sean was with him when they picked me up. He had a bottle of some kind of alcohol and he held it up and said” Are you gonna drink some with me”? You couldnt say no to the guy. He truly had a heart of gold. Sean will never be gone in our hearts and I think of him so often and the fun and trouble we got in back in the day. We hung out as a group every weekend and always got into lots of trouble. I can remember him Mom screaming at him in Philipino- which none of us understood- and him just laughing and saying Mom dont worry- I’ll be fine. If any of you have your old yearbooks, Seans senior bit includes something about dying young. I think he knew it would happen- he lived every day like it was his last. He will never be forgotten in our hearts and he will be remembered as the greatest friend anyone could ever have. I still miss him. So many memories of him, its just too much to share.

  38. Gcrosland

    Skated with Sean a few times; Ambler, Cheap Skates, not sure where else, OC? He blew minds for sure. One of those East Coast Dudes that combined East Coast Power with with West Coast type fluidity. Sean truly took skating to a different level – RIP

  39. Brian C

    Miss you brother. We had so many fun times back in the day. I’ll bet you would still be ripping if you were still here.

  40. Doug Mutz

    Sean gave me the shirt off his back, literally! A Black G&S longsleeve with reinforced elbow pads.

    Like Pete Franchville said, he’d make you feel great for doing a 2′ air. I watched him learn frontside 540’s with a hand push off in 3 tries. I may have a video somewhere. He also gave me a set of wheels, which I’ve never had the courage to let go of.

    I think about Sean every time I wear that shirt, as tattered as it is. Sean was a great guy, a great friend, and he landed every trick 2″ below the coping.

    He touched so many lives, just by being himself.

    Thanks to Ben for sharing the photos!


  41. mean gene

    Getting old sucks. I’m going to be 38 in two weeks and I feel like shit. (physically) And every time I feel old I think about how young Sean was when he died. He was a fucking baby. And yet I still feel like he lived a thousand lives before any of us knew what was going on. How WISE was this guy??????? Beyond His years….Christ. What a shame it was for all of us to lose this dude. I saw Bill Goldman the other day and all he talked about was Sean. The most powerful lawyer in Bucks county still wants to be Sean. One of a kind. They threw away the mold and broke the fuckin cast when they made him. P.S. I just drank a sixer of busch pounders for you Sean. R.I.P. FOREVER YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!

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