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168: Shane Thomas and his Bird Bath Bowl…VA

Bird Bath jason oliva the house of steam pool

Hello Jason,

I was just checking out your House of Steam site and
saw a bunch of familiar faces that brought me back to
“the day.” Growing up in Dover, DE and picking up my
first real board back in 83′, I couldn’t help but
notice all the old east coast flavor you got going on
that site.

Being a East Coast skater, it’s great to see you
representing the right coast with everything and
everyone who has made us what we are today… the best
at having fun and building our own s#@t to skate. I
hang with the OBX crew a lot and friends with a ton of
folks from PA to NC.

Anyway, I wanted to shoot you a few shots of my
backyard in hopes that you can find the time to swing
through whenever you find yourself down in VA. I live
in Newport News and my “bowl” (dubbed the “Birdbath“)
was made with DIY skater love for anyone willing to
grind it. Enjoy the shots… come on down, drink a
few beers and get in some grinds. It’s made a name
for itself as a “Humbler” (as Murf put it in a
interview he did with my buddy Mark Corbett in a old
Juice mag) so, it will definity break you off if your
sleeping at the wheel. Being 34 and skating for over
24 years on the East Coast, it’s what skateboarding is
all about in my opinion. Come get some!

Keep up the solid site. That s#@t, much like the East
Coast in general, RULES.

Grind for life,
Shane T.

Bird Bath jason oliva the house of steam

Shane Thomas Bird Bath 2006 jason oliva the house of steam

Shane Thomas at home Bird Bath Bowl VA 2006

Maaan how cool is that. Seems like the ideal backyard. When I get across the pond I will stop in for some fun (my folks live an hour away).

Thanks for spreading the House of Steam word!!


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