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346: The Wooden Wave II Alexandria VA 1979


WOODEN WAVE II Richmond VA 1979 Dave Alexander


These photos are Dave Alexander, skating a ramp which was dubbed “the wooden wave II”.  The pictures were probably taken by Dave’s brother, Mike.  Dave, Mike, and  built this very sketchy but huge ramp out of mostly scrap wood next to the Telegraph Road / Duke Street overpass probably around 1979. Dave and Mike, and I lived on the same street growing up in Alexandria, and this was about a mile from where we lived.  We had built a previous wooden wave in the parking lot of an office building which lasted a week or so before we were ordered to tear it down.  This second incarnation was built right across a public sidewalk which served as the run-up.  The ramp was a total piece of crap, it shook when you hit the transition on the way up, but it was definitely fun to ride.  The thing was sixteen feet tall and the top piece of plywood was just barely over vertical (probably by accident).  This one lasted a few weeks until one day we showed up and it had been burned down.  Being built on public property right across a sidewalk, we knew it wouldn’t last long, but we figured the public works guys from the city would tear it down.  As it turns out, it served as a bon fire for someone instead, but it was fun while it lasted.  We built a series of these things all over Alexandria.  I know most skaters from back in the day did the same thing.  Good times…

John Egertson

Jason Oliva

That is a serious  home built classic. I guess in a way it was better that a firebug spotted it before some drunk teen on a YZ-80 made an Evil Keneivel go at it. It looks like the first incarnation of the mega ramp. I dig the 70’s entries.


333: Alexandria Virginia’s SkateWorld 1977, David Alexander and Meigs Hodge…long overdue inclusions into the archive.


David Alexander 1977 Frontside Skateworld VA


Meigs Hodge Skateworld VA

Not often we get some cool seventies skate action. I have been meaning to enter Skateworld VA shots along with Dave and Meigs into the archive for sometime. I have gathered a decent amount of pics to make a cool gallery so here it is. Maybe John Egertson and relevant company can chime in and wax poetically on this skate park from VA. A lot of people from SW have been getting in touch via The House of Steam which is always cool!

Meigs Hodge


Meigs Hodge  SkateWorld VA




Hey Jason,
 Skateworld seens like yesterday to me, and it would be great to contact some of the team riders and fellow skaters from back then. I still keep in touch w/ some….Connor San Deago has two teenage boys…Steve Kellaher…married, living in Veanna, Va….Miles Rolph, Bike Currier in D.C. I probably can dig up some old pics…might take awhile. Keep in touch bro.
Jim Trease


151: Skate World Virginia 1977…Old school Skate park! Anyone recall?

John Egertson Skate World Jason oliva the house of steam


John Egertson Skate World Alexandria VA 1977

Killer 1977 shots from John Egertson…A skate Park and Star Wars in the theater…good times.

According to John the park was located on Wheeler (really!) Avenue in Alexandria VA. Moguls, a pool and that crazy vert wall.

Anyone remember any of the SkateWorld Team Members: Connor Mulroney (Dermot Mulroney’s brother…Really!) Miles Rolf, Mike and Dave Alexander, Jimmy Treece and Steve Kelleher. If you are out there or know any of these peeps…. get em!!

Pat Clark, Mike “Micro” Mapp, Bruce Adams and Mike Kresky (Powell Peralta) are all known to have skated here….So there have to be more pics!

SkateWorld Sticker

Original Skate World sticker

If you have any pics from Skate World or know any of these peeps send me an email.

Thanks for the pics and research John

jason oliva

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