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155: Pep Williams ,West Coast

Pep Williams Thraher 91 photo bagel jason oliva the house of steam

Pep Williams Thrasher 91 Photo Cesario “Block” Montano

  1. Sean Says:
    June 20th, 2007 at 8:14 am eI still see those guys around. Pep Williams has always been one of my favorite pro skaters since I was a small kid and that was 20 years ago. I am 30 now.
    I ran into him in Hollywood at a party last month. It was really cool meeting him.I was talking about getting a skateboard to start back skating again.Pep said come to my car.This guy gave me his complete skateboard and shirts and stickers for my kids for free.We only talked 5 min and he gave me a complete skateboard.I couldn’t believe it. All he said was “Enjoy” and cruised back into the party like nothing happened.I was speechless. That just made my year.
    I am skating again. Not as good as I use to but I am cruising and carving all over my local skatepark.J ust want to say thanks you so much Pep Williams for bringing skateboarding back to my life. I am forever thankful.

SO this is what Sean wrote on the site and I took it upon myself to test Pep Williams coolness and lordy, lordy…He Is cool as they come.


How’s everything?Checked out your site.Its really cool.Here are a few pics and a small interview. The Pics in black and white are from 89 and Photos were taken by Bagel. Except for the G-turn.That was in 88 taken by Cody Cassiero. Thrasher Cover was May 91 and the Argonaught cover was last year.Its crazy because I can still kill wallrides.Hope all is well bro.Hit me up anytime


Pep Williams Argonaught cover jason oliva the house of steam

Pep Williams 2006

pep Williams Wall Ride 89 photo bagel jason oliva the house of steam

Pep Williams, Cally 98 Wall Ride

Photo Bagel

Pep Williams  88 photo Cody Casserio jason oliva the house of steam

Pep Williams G turn 1988

photo Cody Casserio

Pep Williams 89 photo Bagel jason oliva the house of steam

Pep Williams 89

Photo Bagel

Thanks Pep for contributing some West Coast/Dog Towness to The House of Steam. Check out the interview (History there) and hit up Pep’s Myspace and see what he is up to!
jason oliva

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