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557: YouTubeSkate- Houston SUAS 1991 Vert Contest

519: The Other Barn Ramp: Photo Geoff Graham

The Other Barn Ramp Buster Halterman’s PA

Photo Geoff Graham

Classic Geoff shot of Buster Halterman’s Barn Ramp in PA. Not sure who is skating in the window. The place looks alot roomier and airier then the NJ Barn. Especially with those large barnyard shutters.


459: 1991 SUAS Houston TX BBC Footage: Buster Halterman and Darren Menditto Killing it…Oh yeah Chris Miller, Lance Mountain,Omar Hassan,Chris Gentry,Mike Frazier, Bod Boyle, Tony Hawk, Dave Leroux, Remy Stratton, and Eric Nash

This contest footage is amazing and apparently newly released from the BBC.  Look at Buster Halterman and Darren Menditto (1:20 run!)killing it. I think this is some real important footage…Examine the year 1991! Let’s face facts vert skating at this point was in the decline that late 80’s wave that saw people like Groholski all over the mags is over. A lot of folks headed off for college since there was no real industry to earn a living from. Forgetting about that just look at the skating, you can see the trick modernisation that would come in the next year or two creeping in and the influences of people like Groholski and their emphasis on less crowd pleasing lip tricks creeping in (Bod Boyle frontside ollie to grind over the channel for instance, tough trick little point recognition I suppose, Look at Hawks run’s) Not a lot of kick turning on  the invisible vert as Groholski would put it. Great stuff here it would not be soon after that a handful of skaters would start adding some mind blowing tricks to all this and the modernisation would be complete.  It is great to see Team Steam’s contribution to this transition, re-vert skating, lip tricks galore…and shades of whats to come.  You can write about this footage all day I guess…

Enjoy watching all this, I know I did.

Jason Oliva Artist

PS : Dave Leroux! and  look at Miller just travelling on the ramp…crazy.

You can see the results at the end of the last video…and check out the princely sums they were killing their bodies to obtain. Well done gentlemen, well done!

Thanks to Pete Furnee and his eagle eye!

361: Chris Miller and Buster Halterman 1991 Leckwith Cardiff (South Wales) Planet Earth Demo

Chris Miller and Buster Halterman

Jason Oliva The House of Steam
Pete Furnee emailed me this gem 1991 Planet Earth demo in Cardiff, Wales.

Checkout the McTwist at the end.

Too Cool!!


261: Chris Miller and Buster Halterman, Planet Earth Demo Leckwith Cardiff 1991

177: The House of Steam Year One Video

153: The “other” Tom at the “other” Barn… Tom “The Rock” Boyle Dillsburg PA Late 1989

Tom Boyle jason oliva the house of steam

Tom “The Rock” Boyle Andrecht at Buster’s Barn PA 1989

Photo The Mighty Pete Furnee…nice one!

Tom at Buster Halterman’s Barn ramp in PA. Not much to say cept….didnt our boy here beat Tony Hawk in a mini ramp contest…. I think So!!

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