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612: Cheers! Jason Oliva [New Paintings] Iphonage by Derek Rinaldi

Thanks to all the Skate Bruthas that came out for the show I only wish we could have had more one on one time. John Fudala, Michael Cohen, JR, Derek, two generations of Padulos, David Padulo, Lucas and Collin Padulo, Patrick Guidotti, an early appearance by Steve Rodriguez, Wig (who I embarrassed myself by not recognising but in my defense the last time I saw him we were in a police station, he was my height and it was 1987) Ken Deitz and his wife who went home with some art! and the King of all appearances Jay Henry and the lovely Amber. Jay it was so rad to see you as I was saying at the show you make up the triumvirate of my art heros: Jay Henry, Dan Tag and Steve Mannion. It was a great night that went on till the wee hours of the morning. I think the grand total was 4 double magnums of white wine and 12-15 Mag’s of red wine. And speaking of fine wine I even had a chance (I think sometime after Mid-night) to hand out the last of the fine wine…THOS and EN-JAY tee’s

too cool, cant wait to do it again.


Photos by Derek Rinaldi

Like This!

Michael Cohen and JR Cronheim

Patrick Guidotti and Nicole

Jason Oliva and Jay Henry

Midnight Tee Shirt’s

More Midnight tee’s and Drake drinking right from the bottle.

‘Red Annunciation’

John Fudala, Derek Rinaldi, Jason Oliva and Jay Henry

John Fudala, Derek Rinaldi, Jason Oliva and Jay Henry

The Lovely Amber and Jay Henry

Wig (Of DogWig) and Jay Henry

Jason Oliva and Jay Henry

Jason Oliva and Jay henry

Thanks a ton Derek! and thanks for the radio shout out as well.

very cool

Here are some bonus shots too:

John Fudala, Ken “The Collector” Deitz, Dave “The Collector” Padulo, Derek Rinaldi and Jay Henry

Lotta Barn Boys in this shot.

Photo Jason Oliva

Jr Cronheim, Derek Rinaldi and Wig

Photo Jason Oliva

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566: Steve Herring at The Barn…Jim Murphy,Dan Tag, Matt Padulo, Dave Padulo, JT Murphy, Jimmy Kane , Jay Henry

Steve Herring

The Barn NJ

Photo Deitz Brutha’s

Who’s on Deck

1.Jim Murphy 2. Dan Tag 3.Matt Padulo  4.Dave Padulo  5.JT Murphy 6.Jimmy Kane Jimmy Kane7.Jay Henry

Steve Herring Back Side Air Sooooo ummmm This is pretty Badass!

Can you name who’s on deck….I got the ball rolling a bit.

Yeah so Steve did those kinda killing it backside airs….

Previously on THOS: Entry Number 36! for Heaven’s sake

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492: My Inbox: Dennis Kane, Jay Henry, Graven Image…1984

From: “Jason Oliva” <jasonoliva@gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2010 4:46 AM
To: “Dennis Kane” <thekanes13@>
Cc: “Jay Henry” <johnmarshallhenry@>
Subject: Re: Where is Jay?

Jay send us some info…lets post this gothic gem!!


On 30 Jan 2010, at 00:18, Dennis Kane wrote:

Hey Jay,
What’s up bro.  I have been wanting to thow this pic. into the mix.  I have almost no Jay Henry pics. in my album.  You kept them all very close to your heart.  But you gave me this one and I know it was considered poor quality, so you let it go.  It looks as if it was developed in a home made or school dark room and it “burned.”  I think you told me that this was from down south before you moved back home.  I tried to mess with my scanner to get it to lighten up.
Dennis<Jay Mute Air.jpg>

from John Henry <johnmarshallhenry@>
to Jason Oliva <jasonoliva@gmail.com>,
Dennis Kane <thekanes13@>
date Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 9:10 PM
subject Re: Where is Jay?
mailed-by hotmail.com

Joey Boisineau’s Ramp – RVA – circa 1984

The picture from Dennis is from Joey’s Ramp in RVA. This was the first vert ramp I skated in Richmond after starting school there a few months earlier. I was originally taken there by the Late/Great Duane Curd (singer for Graven Image, Joey played drums for them) and later started getting rides from the one and only Chip Jones. This was pre-Tracker days for me, as you can see by my Gullwing trucks on the tuck knee handplant attached. Chip took that photo, and when we got them back he laughed so hard and said “Man look at your feet, no one would ever believe you landed that” – oh but I did ladies and gentlemen, I did. I wasn’t totally sure that the mute air from Dennis was at Joey’s, but you can see the same black mark on the coping in both pictures. This ramp was 24 feet wide, and at one point before it’s demise, we had actually layered that thing in fiberglass…no comment. I skated there a lot, and really started to get some of my tricks wired, and advance my skating. It should be noted that this is also the ramp that I broke my ankle/leg on, almost breaking the foot of the end of my leg, while never even falling off the board until after it happened. I’ve also attached a backside boneless, ENJOY!!!


434: The House of Henri-Jay Henry Rules: A new website.

jay henry invert at home

Jay Henry at home in En-Jaye before the kids new it was the thing to do (early 80’s)

Everyone is going Solo these days, the kids are all grown up. Maybe in a decade when we find we are huge in Japan (euphemism alert) we can get the band back together for one super THOS post. Anyhow Jay is on a mad one these days skating up a storm. Here is an old pic of him in his backyard on an 8 foot wide ramp chucking an invert. I believe this is the ramp that would eventually become the Barn. I am sure Jay could have squeezed this bad boy into a phone booth(and chucked inverts on it) if given the opportunity so the idea of using a barn must have felt like an airport hangar at the time.

Check out Jay’s site:


I had to post the whole link to read, mostly cause of its truthfulness. Check out all his exploits at Fight Club and elsewhere.


Ps Sorry so slow recently I have been working on a lot of new art projects and commissions so I will try an pick the pace up…

423: 4th of July weekend update Jay Henry and Derek Rinaldi storm the Capital

Jason, Happy 6th of July!

Man, me and Derek really got our money’s worth this weekend! We cleaned, skated, drank, swam and grilled all day on the 4th at Fight Club with rooftop access to watch the fire works. 5 bands played, and Rube from Richmond Virginia really rocked the house. Then Sunday we finally made it down to the American Indian Museum, and got to watch the demo. Then it was off to Green Skate Lab for a session with JC, Tommy and Derek. I was too tired to skate but took some great pics which I will send in soon. After the session we met up with Steve Teig at his new bar in Georgetown (Bread Soda), and drank some good beers, had some great food, and got schooled at pool by Steve himself. Here’s a couple of old men skating the punk ramp at Fight Club; Derek Rinaldi with a hefty backside ollie disaster (photo Henry), and who knew Jay Henry could do a crail? And it’s a big one! (photo Rinaldi)

Jay Henry

Technology and Beer Analyst

Team Steam/FCDC

Crail FCDC 4th July-1

Jay Henry The Holy “Crail”

Derek Rinaldi BS Ollie Disaster

Derek Rinaldi….SKAAAA-BAP!!!(emphasis added, jason)

387: The Barn’s History:First picture ever taken at The Barn, NJ…Birth of a legend Jay Henry

Jay Henry 1st Barn picture

JAY HENRY 1st Barn picture, NJ

Jay Henry Avatar


BIRTH OF A LEGEND (or Jay Henry is a slave driver)
Being as this is The House of Steam site, I thought I would tell the story of the Origins of the Barn Ramp, complete with the first ever photo. This was taken at the first session, before we even put the coping on this side, still running on the original 2 layers of used wood. The wood came from my crappy 8′ wide backyard ramp that had to come down. This ramp was so kinked that we had continued to add layers to it over the years in an attempted to smooth it out a little. When I had to move it I realized that this of course was usable wood, so I went about the daunting task of removing one piece of plywood at a time salvaging whatever I could. I was thinking of working with Dave to add on to the Girl ramp, but Jimmy and Dennis said “to heck with that, we should build a ramp at our house!” I was weary due to the hassles my neighbors had given me so I asked what was the backyard setup like. Jimmy Kane said “Oh, we’ve got a huge backyard, and we can build it on the cement left behind from the chicken coops”. I thought that sounded pretty good and asked how far from the other houses the cement platform was and Jimmy said “way back from the houses, back by the barn”. OK, this is the point where my heart pauses, “Come again, did you say “barn?” I asked Jimmy. He immediately knew what I was thinking and told me it was full of junk. And it was; we pulled 2 kitchen sinks out of it, as well as used tires, golf clubs and other junk, not to mention almost all of the 2 X 4’s that we would need to build the ramp. I wanted to make it 9 foot transitions, a foot and a half of vert, with a 12 foot flat. After I measured though I found that there wasn’t enough room, so I had to go with the 8, 1 and 10 that made this tight little bastard the ramp that it was. Jimmy, Dennis and Stevie D were my crew, but they had jobs. Everyday I showed up early, started measuring, cutting and planning. When my crew got home, they would come back to the Barn to have me bark orders at them for hours on end, putting all of my pre cut pieces into position. Those guys were great, and I now realize just how much of an ass I could be, but they dealt with me and we got it done. Mrs. Kane at first was in shock, she had thought it was going to be maybe 4 feet tall! At the same time she was so astonished at my construction skills and thought, hell if these guys want to make it, let them do it. She was really the champion of that whole thing, I’m not sure I ever thank her appropriately for letting us have that ramp, and all the people there. Mrs. Kane, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!!!! So it’s no shock that I was the first one that got to ride it, here I am doing a….yeah, you guess it, a handplant.
Jay Henry 2009
Jason Oliva
Well this is pretty darn cool. I wont add much except enjoy a little more oral history of The Barn…and feel free to send me more like this. As always Jay Henry is out front setting an example for us all to follow. Fricken cutting edge!
Jay, thanks for thinking of me… Those are memories that neither you nor I will ever forget…You are right.. I was in awe of your talent. Not every guy your age would have been able to build a structure of that magnitude.. I am so thrilled that those few years are embedded in all your memories and that it allowed you a time in your life that most of you will never forget..  I tried to keep you safe. Seems you all will never forget “The Warden”  LOL  I wish you all love, happines and success…
Hugs to you all,  
Nancy (Jim &; Dennis’s Mom)

385: No Way its Jay!! Jay is back and he dug up two classic shots of two legendary skaters(Jamie Godfrey & Tom Groholski)…At CCCC none the less.

Jaime Godfrey Backside air Cedar Crest Country Club, VA

Tom Groholski Andrecht Cedar Crest Country Club, VA
Photos by Jay Henry



I don’t really know what to say about these pictures, just a couple of classic shots of a couple of classic skaters, Tom Groholski and Jamie Godfrey skating a classic ramp, Cedar Crest Country Club. They were taken in June of 1988, and I barely remember skating with them that day. I think I went with Tom, but I may have just met them there. I do remember thinking how cool it was to be skating with Jamie, seeing as he was a skater I had heard of so many times, he was one of the Bones Brigade! Of course it was cool skating with Tom, but then again it always is.
Jay Henry
Jason Oliva
Jay these rule! Total Coolness…Glad to have you back on the THOS payroll. Dig out your Kona pics, you have left your fans bodies limp with breathless anticipation…
Lets get more pictures of Jaime Godfrey into the archive as well…fire up your scanners boys!