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587: S-Double Shawn Stussy, Stetsasonic, Jason Oliva and Weep at Irving plaza – circa I cant recall.


Back in the 80’s it seemed like Weep(Chris Blank) knew everyone in NYC, mostly via his Tower Records cronies. So when Weep was asked to skate on stage at Irving Plaza during one of the Mars rap concert nights for Stussy he said, Sure! except Weep was hobbling around on a cane at the time…so he brought me in as his stunt double.

On opposite sides of the stage two quarter pipes were set up. Myself and one other guy skated across the stage all night like it was a mini ramp while Shawn had surf movies playing on  a drop down screen with the PA  playing all the rap of the day. We paused only when the DJ table for the rap sets were pulled out. A couple groups played, 2-3 songs each which was standard practice for rappers of the day. I remember seeing Ice-T in DC and he only rapped three songs and the crowd had a “I paid for that?”  look on their collective faces- I think one of the groups this night was Stetsasonic:

We were paid the princely sum of : all the water we can drink, getting to stoke the crowd and meeting DMC and Jam Master Jay. I look back now and think we were over paid.

Weep took some pics as well and even Shawn slightly recalls it all:

right on jason…
maybe i have a slight recollection of that?…
anyways, thanks for checking in…
big shout…

Checkout all the new S-Double gear…I would wear the lot.

Jason Oliva Artist

[All Photos by Chris Weep Blank]

Circa pre 1987 I think? If you know let me know.


Jason Oliva – showing off the homemade ‘Steam’ shirt with the Jay Henry drawn Tommy G shorts.


Looks like 86-87 to me?


I ran out and bought that same Public Enemy T-shirt…still have it.


They pulled the DJ table out between the ramps and we sat on stage and watched the show


Sweeper Yo!


SHUT tag on the ramp…anyone recognise the other skater?


He ripped…..

551: YouTubeSkate- East Coast Assault 1986 Pro Elimination Heat #1 John Lucero Jim Gray Steve Godoy Jeff Grosso Lester Kasai Mark Rogowski Pro Elimination Heat #2 Joe Lopes Mark Lake Tom Groholski Rob Roskopp Dan Wilkes Ken Park Neil Blender Steve Caballero

548: YouTubeSkate- 1986 VA Am Jam Kevin Lambert, Mike Sporanza, Eddie Guittierrez, Brian Beauchine, Dan Brown, Henry Gutierrez, John Fudala, Buck Smith, Jeff Jones, Sergie Ventura, Mike Cresini

509: Spit and Goo Issue 2 “THE BARN ISSUE” and Mark Gonzales comes to En-Jay by Ken and Steve Deitz 1986

Spit and Goo Issue 2 1986 By Ken and Steve Deitz NJ

BARN article

WestWood Cycle Sponsored contest with Marc Gonzalez

This is well worth a read… classic 80’s skatezine from ken and Steve Deitz. All the usual suspects appear in The Barn section. It really makes me recall what was going on in our lives circa 1986. I must admit to having watched Mark Gonzales instead of the contest.

Great stuff

Thanks to Jeff Roenning for vaulting this gem all these years.

455: Steve Herring Frontside Smith Grind at The Barn…NJ- Who’s on Deck?

Steve Herring Frontside Smith Grind The Barn NJ circa 86?

Welcome to all out new found viewers/readers….Meet Steve Herring, he rips.

That is all…


PS Anyone wanna guess who is on deck?…..I do not know.

Dont forget to enter the contest!

427: NJ High School Ditch, Weep & Corn, Tag, Rocky, Roenning circa 85 A Padulo Brothers Brigade film!


Hey Jason

SkateBoarding” Clip
That’s Tag to start. Looks like there a ton of people on the ground watching. Next is Rocky in the White Helmet. He always skated like Cab with that smooth style and crooked neck.  That’s Corn in the blue shirt and yellow helmet.  That’ Jeff Roenning in the white Zorlac shirt and yellow helmet. And I think thats weep sitting on the platform as Rocky chucks an air over his knees.  Next is Corn and Weeps at the Ditch. Corn said it’s the ditch by the highschool but I think it’s the one closer to Bridgewater on 78 East.  I could be wrong. This part kinda chokes me up watching it.  And then there’s the weird Kona part at the end. I know nothing about it.

The second part of the clip is at my ramp again and it’s Tag again.

I’m sure the people that did the original transfer just stuck it together with no rhyme or reason.  My folks still have the original film too.

Dave Padulo

Jason Oliva

Classic stuff! That is the ditch on route 78 across from Watchung Hills regional Highschool. 

Out the cafeteria (during lunch) and through the woods then it was just a quick  game of Frogger across 78 and you could skate for 15 minutes or so and have time to get back to class. Unless you went with Weep who would take one annoying long 15 minute run and leave you standing there to watch…Commmmmmaaaahhhhhhnnnnn WEEP!! enough already!…great times.

PS. The generic transfer music is too sad.


Jason Oliva and Weep Sciving off from school: High School Ditch NJ…86’ish

Photo Ben Cornish


406: Happy 40ounce WeepStar!!


Weepee right in the middle of it head and shoulders above the rest, rockin the JG Tee and the Barfoot ride…G.O.A.T. Yo!!

Photo Deitz Bruthas
Jay Henry Layback air,  Ben Cornish(Sportin a Craig Johnson),  Chris”Weep” Blank, Steve Mannion(Overkill Sticker! Possible Tommy G hand me down Gator, Rick Holtzman, A Deitz Brutha (Stripey Socks)…Who is watching from the flat?

Jason Oliva
Yar Weep, remember that time we….. maaan that was dope.

Aaahhn, B-E-A-S-T-I-E go!

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