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517: The art of Chris Pastras :Stereo Sound Agency’s Co-Captain and Derek Rinaldi a new Sound Agent.

I have never met NJ hometown hero Chris Pastras but regardless I  dig the style and aesthetic he has created with Stereo Sound Agency. Like the Rat Pack in Salvation army clothes walking resevoir dog style exiting a private jet onto a tiki bar laden island in the sixties….in full color. Thats sorta how I see it. Forget the center… move way over and create a new center, thats how I dig it and and they live it.  Our favorite son Derek Rinaldi has begun to contribute over on the Stereo Sound Agency blog and me-thinks you should check it out.


Chris Pastras at work painting

Click to Check out Derek’s contributions

and all things Stereo.

Jason Oliva Artist

Couple of Post Scripts:

Derek Rinaldi doing one of  those things he can do.

(Photo Courtesy of Totally Skateboards)

Derek Rinaldi, Clint Peterson (Stereo Pro) and Chris

……and I think I put a large percentage of these hits on this clip

something about the music and the repetition…coolness

The House of Steam 364: Jason Lee 1992

482: Mike Vallely vs. Jesse Martinez vs. Jason Lee…great stuff SMA Hobo Tour 1989

Video Shot by Fred Fraley and Edited by Clark Fraley

This video was a demo in Lynchburg VA.  I dig this era of street skating, all the tricks still seem within the realm of possibility but yet still impossible….Mike Vallely skates realllll fast…Jason Lee shows he is one of the all time great street skaters …We know jesse martinez is great but not enough footage of him here….

Jason Oliva

Jason Oliva

364: Jason Lee 1992

Something so cool about this video…I think I am responsible for 80 percent of its hits.

Jason Oliva

304: Wasted Days TV (Larry Ransom):Featuring never before seen footage of Brian Lotti, Sean Sheffey, Willy Santos, Rudy Johnson, Jim Thiebaud, Barker Barrett, Jordan Richter, Salman Agah and even a pre-Hollywood, Jason Lee.