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587: S-Double Shawn Stussy, Stetsasonic, Jason Oliva and Weep at Irving plaza – circa I cant recall.


Back in the 80’s it seemed like Weep(Chris Blank) knew everyone in NYC, mostly via his Tower Records cronies. So when Weep was asked to skate on stage at Irving Plaza during one of the Mars rap concert nights for Stussy he said, Sure! except Weep was hobbling around on a cane at the time…so he brought me in as his stunt double.

On opposite sides of the stage two quarter pipes were set up. Myself and one other guy skated across the stage all night like it was a mini ramp while Shawn had surf movies playing on  a drop down screen with the PA  playing all the rap of the day. We paused only when the DJ table for the rap sets were pulled out. A couple groups played, 2-3 songs each which was standard practice for rappers of the day. I remember seeing Ice-T in DC and he only rapped three songs and the crowd had a “I paid for that?”  look on their collective faces- I think one of the groups this night was Stetsasonic:

We were paid the princely sum of : all the water we can drink, getting to stoke the crowd and meeting DMC and Jam Master Jay. I look back now and think we were over paid.

Weep took some pics as well and even Shawn slightly recalls it all:

right on jason…
maybe i have a slight recollection of that?…
anyways, thanks for checking in…
big shout…

Checkout all the new S-Double gear…I would wear the lot.

Jason Oliva Artist

[All Photos by Chris Weep Blank]

Circa pre 1987 I think? If you know let me know.


Jason Oliva – showing off the homemade ‘Steam’ shirt with the Jay Henry drawn Tommy G shorts.


Looks like 86-87 to me?


I ran out and bought that same Public Enemy T-shirt…still have it.


They pulled the DJ table out between the ramps and we sat on stage and watched the show


Sweeper Yo!


SHUT tag on the ramp…anyone recognise the other skater?


He ripped…..