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528: Reese Simpson and Ken Sigafoos at Trashmore VA, Schmitt Stix Graphic

Reese Simpson Trashmore VA

Photos Ken Deitz

I often wondered how people like Ken Sigafoos and Jay Henry got to do all these great skate graphics for people back in the day  and now I realise…they were all friends who skated together. Here are pics of Reese and Ken from the same Va Trashmore session…How great is this Ken Sigafoos Schmitt Stix graphic….I miss the good ole days of skate graphics…Skater’s Name + Some kinda Creature + The Company Name…full stop, your choice of color as long as you choose the color in stock.

Jason Oliva

Ken Sigafoos Va Trashmore

Photo Dave Padulo

Reese Simpson Schmitt Stix graphic by Ken Sigafoos

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490: Jeff Roenning some things never change even after 23 years.

Jeff Roenning Fakie Ollie The Barn
Photo Ken Deitz.

Jeff Roenning fakie ollie 2010
Photo…you guessed it The Padulo Bros.

I guess your skate style is like a finger print no way to change it or disguise it…JR got together with Matt and Dave Padulo last week in NJ after some 23 odd years ….they had a grand “old” time.

Jason Oliva

442: Matt Padulo, Bernie O’dowd, Jeff Jones and Harry Jumonji 1984 Contest at Silver Apple Skate Shop in New jersey

Matt Padulo  NJ shore contest

Matt Padulo

Wow! That really is crazy to see. I’m not really sure how old I was in this picture. I do remember entering the contest in the younger division then everyone I was with so maybe I was 13 years old? The ramp was made out of what seemed like fiberglass that sounded really hollow but road solid at the same time. I don’t even think I dropped in on the ramp so when I started a line had to run up the ramp, fakie once or twice, and then start my run. At the time I did all my airs just below or @ the top of the ramp, and I think was doing some Inverts about mid transition. I wound up taking 2nd and won a Lance Mountain deck which I saved for a while, but eventually road and shred up.

Can never get enough pics of the old days!


Bernie O'Dowd layback air

Bernie O’Dowd

jeff jones tweeked frontside air

Jeff Jones Tweaked frontside air.

Anyone recognise themselves on the platform?

harry jumongi frontside roll in

Harry Jumongi frontside roll in

…again anyone on the deck?

439: Papo Capillo at The Barn

papo capillo stand up frontside grind

Papo Capillo Stand up frontside grind at The Barn NJ

Photo Deitz Bruthas

All eyes on NYC these days. Having been away from the place so long now I have to admit it being on my mind a lot as well. Here  is NYC’s Papo circa 1985 at The Barn in NJ…too cool


Papo was smooth like butter.  Those are Molly’s Skate Shorts with padded hips.  He gave me some red and white ones back in the day.  This cat was in all the Skates Mags back in the 1970’s.  He worked for the Ad Council in the 1980’s.  The Ad Council requires that PSAs promote positive social change in such areas as the quality of life for children, preventative health, education, community well being, and environmental preservation.  He is one of the many friends from NYC that came out and had a great time at the The Barn.  I’m sure that I was standing within a few feet of this perfect grind.  Papo is a very Cool Dude.  Great picture

Dennis Kane

436: Harry Jumonji, NJ Shore contest back in the day.

harry jumongi frontside roll in

Harry Jumongi Frontside roll in NJ Shore Contest

Photo Deitz Bruthas!

Avatar Jason Oliva

Page 350(closer to 400 in actuality) of this endless book is now written. We have had a lot of ups and downs lately and I hope everyone is doing ok.

I like the round numbers and with the assumption that this is page 350 I figured it was time to let this Black n White gem of HJ loose on the interwebs. Bernie O’Dowd should know the details (He was skating in the contest) all I know was this was at a NJ Shore contest photographed by Ken or Steve Deitz. Also Jeff Jones was there.

Anyone want to add any grammar(sorry just read Summerland by Chabon) to this entry about Harry feel free to email me or comment it and I will cut and paste….(Irene, Derek, Dennis…Jay?)


420: Another instalment of “Unknown Skater 3” Tom Groholski’s backyard contest, NJ

invert on extension - unkown Groholski's ramp

Another for the “UnKnown Skater” File

Tom Groholski’s Contest day

Photo Dietz Bruthas



Jason Oliva

Bernie wins the Prize!! It is Doug Mayer from PA…and we spy your yellow helmet…Rodney (Smith)!

Here is a tip of the hat to another “Unknown Skater” Invert on the extension…no easy feet considering Tom’s ramp was layered in ice. Anyone know who he or anyone on deck is? We see you Murph(Jim) with your pink zorlac board! What do you think the high bid on ebay would be for that Silver “Hawk” the lad in the red helmet is sporting? Lad? He is probably 40+ now…


418: Dan Brown Contest day Tom Groholski’s backyard. New Jersey

invert   Dan Brown (not sure)

Dan Brown at Tom Groholski’s on Contest Day.

Photo Deitz Bruthas

Jason Oliva

Maybe Bernie can confirm that this is indeed Dan Brown (I for one hope so because it will mean adding about the 185th! skater to our all important archive) Also if you are on the deck in this picture send me an email!!


I love all the stuff my brother Ken has sent you.  I haven’t seen this stuff in years so its cool seeing it on the site.  I can ID the following people on the deck:

Far left, brown sweat shirt, white helmet              John Aires  (from PA/MD ?)

On the extension (left to right)                            Jeff Jones (in Variflex gear)
                                                                       Jim “Outlaw” Murphy
                                                                       Steve Herring

Steve Deitz

PS  The skater is definately Dan Brown chucking either an invert or one of his extended layback airs