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605: Hey Murph! F’off…. from Bill

Jim Murphy & Bill Danforth 1987

Hey Murph

We had a lot of fun throughout the years.I remember our times together especially that day in 1987 signing autographs at the King of Prussia Mall but I have to say I am officially over you and you can F%&K Off


Too cool… Nice shirt wonder where I can get one?



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566: Steve Herring at The Barn…Jim Murphy,Dan Tag, Matt Padulo, Dave Padulo, JT Murphy, Jimmy Kane , Jay Henry

Steve Herring

The Barn NJ

Photo Deitz Brutha’s

Who’s on Deck

1.Jim Murphy 2. Dan Tag 3.Matt Padulo  4.Dave Padulo  5.JT Murphy 6.Jimmy Kane Jimmy Kane7.Jay Henry

Steve Herring Back Side Air Sooooo ummmm This is pretty Badass!

Can you name who’s on deck….I got the ball rolling a bit.

Yeah so Steve did those kinda killing it backside airs….

Previously on THOS: Entry Number 36! for Heaven’s sake

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554: YouTubeSkate- SUAS 1988 Houston TX Vert Jeff Phillips, Jim Murphy, monty Nolder, Brian Pennington, John “Tex” Gibson

435: Andy Kessler: GRANDMASTER of 108, Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Avatar Jason Oliva

Feel free to express yourself , drop some memories or condolences in the comment section. If there is anything you would like to add do not hesitate to email me.



Here is a great video sent over by Juice Magazine there is a great segment were Andy talks about his work with Jim Murphy and Wounded Knee.

andy kessler montauk aug 14 2009

Celebrating the Life of Andy Kessler
Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk
August 14, 2009

Photo Michael Rovnyack, MJRPhoto.net

Special thanks to Irene Ching for this.

Andy Kessler

Andy Kessler Riverside Park, NYC 1979

Tom Groholski  Tony Squindo Andy  Kessler NYC

Tom Groholski, Glenn E. Freidman, and Any Kessler NYC 2008

Photo by Tony Squindo

Tom G interview juice Magazine

Andy Kessler Deathbowl to Downtown

Andy Kessler Deathbowl to Downtown

Andy Kessler Harry Jumongi Rodney Smith

The Kings of NY: Harry Jumonji, Rodney Smith and Andy Kessler

Photo Derek Rinaldi

430: The House of Steam – Year three!!

Groholski at home Padulo Brutha oic

Tom Groholski at Home NJ circa 1984? 

Photo by The Padulo Brutics!

Avatar Jason Oliva

So on July 20th THOS turned three years old. Crazy to think I have been living with this thing that long in two different countries as well. It has been a great year from my vantage point it seems there has been no downturn in the brotherhood sector of the economy. A high water mark is obviously Jim Murphy being recognized for his charitable/skate endeavors but along with that I have my eye on a lot of other seeds that have been planted and people tied to this community seem to be gravitating towards one another with results to follow. So THOS continues on into year 4 – keep the pics and stories flowing and I promise to keep it all moving so no one will ever have time to hang a sign on us.

Cheers, My Bruthas and Sistas!


Ps How sick is that photo of Tom! Nice one Dave!

422: The House of Steam….Our first Live event!! Derek Rinaldi & Jay Henry Skating at The Smithsonian National Museum of The American Indian


The National Museum of The American Indian

Skate ramp for the Ramp it up exhibit

Photo Derek Rinaldi (4:11 PM Sunday July 5th)

Jason Oliva

So having contributed to this historic event I was granted an invitation to a swanky party and to skate within the Smithsonian Museum…too cool! When faced with an overwhelming desire to be somewhere one cannot the obvious solution was to send Derek Rinaldi and Jay Henry as my eyes and ears!! It looks like DR and Sleepy head Jay are on site and skating (with uber VIP permission and hopefully alongside Jim Murphy) It seems that the roof of the Smithsonian is considerably higher then that of of the Barn.  I can hear one of Jay Henry’s classsic …”DAMMMMITSSSSS” echoing through those hollowed halls…Derek what have you gotten yourself into? 

-More to come!!


These just in 6:11 pm July 5th


Yeah Murph!! 

Thats my pic too!! (Jason) 

murph 3

murph 2

Head on down to DC this summer and get some Murphchendise!

Seriously what an amazing accomplishment…unreal..Murph! Well Done!


Hitting the hay…more tomorrow!!


416: Tom Groholski’s Ramp Contest Day NJ 80’s

Toms-Groholksi's ramp Dietz
Tom Groholski’s Ramp Contest Day NJ Circa the 80’s

Jason Oliva
Gonna be away till next week which means (I miss out on using my Bouncing Souls backstage passes for London…aaaarrrgh..Thanks for getting them for me WIG!) everyone will have to wait to see some serious pics from Tom’s backyard. For those of you who have had an idea of what this abstraction of ramp reality looked like, wait no longer! (or at least till next week) All secrets will be revealed in these Dietz Brutha pics! Also thanks and cheers to all the people who have hit me up over here:


Means a ton!