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420: Another instalment of “Unknown Skater 3” Tom Groholski’s backyard contest, NJ

invert on extension - unkown Groholski's ramp

Another for the “UnKnown Skater” File

Tom Groholski’s Contest day

Photo Dietz Bruthas



Jason Oliva

Bernie wins the Prize!! It is Doug Mayer from PA…and we spy your yellow helmet…Rodney (Smith)!

Here is a tip of the hat to another “Unknown Skater” Invert on the extension…no easy feet considering Tom’s ramp was layered in ice. Anyone know who he or anyone on deck is? We see you Murph(Jim) with your pink zorlac board! What do you think the high bid on ebay would be for that Silver “Hawk” the lad in the red helmet is sporting? Lad? He is probably 40+ now…


355: Unknown Skater 2 : Cheap Skates PA…Chris Diehem?

Unknown Skater Cheap Skates PA

Unknown Skater Cheap Skates PA Possibly early 90’s


This is our second unknown Skater in the Archive…Anyone recognize?


So far it looks like A friend of Buster Halterman’s named Scott. Or CHris Diehem former Ocean Bowl employee.

Jason Oliva

298: The Unknown Skater 1. At O.C. Can anyone recognize?


Unknown Skater

Unknown Skater


Jason Oliva The House of Steam

I received this cool pick of OC Marylands Blue Steel ramp. It was taken in June or July of 1987. I get quite a few of these great shots(looking at you Dennis) of Unknown Skaters so I thought I would add a category (Unknown Skaters) and we can immortalize or identify these unsung heros who never buddied up to their photographer.

So any clues, Sherlock?


PS The House of Steam will be 2 years old on July 20th. If you have anything nice to say now is the time to email some comments!!