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610: Mike- Moose- Tom – Frazier- Barn – Blue- Groholski’s

Killer video straight out of our wheelhouse…

No comment necessary except for the fact that either you knew Mike V ripped on vert or you found out three years ago:


Killer eppy Mike.

Jason Oliva

I think we are gonna need a bigger boat!

551: YouTubeSkate- East Coast Assault 1986 Pro Elimination Heat #1 John Lucero Jim Gray Steve Godoy Jeff Grosso Lester Kasai Mark Rogowski Pro Elimination Heat #2 Joe Lopes Mark Lake Tom Groholski Rob Roskopp Dan Wilkes Ken Park Neil Blender Steve Caballero

550: Hall of Fame (2) Poolside Tom Groholski


Tom Groholski POOLSIDE

When I saw this board on the internet years ago I flipped out because it was a Groholski and I always rode his boards ….because it was Black n Red and the Tony Squindo graphics were a modern steroid version of Tom’s first Vision board and because it actually had the state of NJ on it. Talk about getting things right! I became friendly with the Frankenstein of this Monster, Russel Phillips as a result. Russ has put out some killer boards over the last couple years via Wreckroom (the first commercial boards to have Team Steam printed right on em, with Dan Tag and Darren Menditto’s models) and now following up with DeathMarch and all new Tag and Menditto Steam boards. All great stuff so because of all that Tommy G PoolSide gets the latest entry into THOS Board hall of fame.

If you have one of these feel free to email me and gloat….. Seriously though feel free to email me and gloat because you deserve it.

Jason Oliva

Ps: here is the new “previously on THOS” function which will link to relevant archive stories to this post. I thought because there is so many older entries it would be a great way to explore what has come before (Poem!)

547: Jeff Jones Varial-Layback Air at Tom Groholski’s+Kona : JT Murphy and Chuck Treece looking on

Jeff Jones Varial Layback Air, JT Murphy and Chuck Treece on Deck

Photo Deitz Brothers

Another gem from Ken and Steve Deitz, who’s skate life and photography have become a cornerstone of The House of Steam, we cant thank them enough for the hind sight of documenting things and their willingness to share.

Jeff Jones! Contest day at Tom’s, Varial layback air. This is a bit of a chained post …linked on to Chuck’s new deck post and PVO’s mention of JT Murphy. Looks like Chuck blew out a right knee cap…I also know that Tom, Jim Murphy  and Steve Herring amongst others are watching from the other deck.


As a bonus if you wanna see what a varial layback air looks fully performed then click on the pic below and watch NJ Am Variflex skater Jeff Jones take an old school run on the Kona ramp (I dig it when a post falls together)



More Jeff Jones and :

Kevin Lambert
Mike Sporanza
Eddie Guittierrez
Brian Beauchine
Dan Brown
Henry Gutierrez
John Fudala
Buck Smith
Jeff Jones
Sergie Ventura
Mike Cresini

at YouTubeSkate (your boss wont mind)  The ams in 1986 were really good, not the largest of gaps between them and the pros.

We are having a visitor this week…hoe this tides everyone over for a couple days

Jason Oliva Artist


539: YouTubeSkate- “…Lapped grinds thats all that matters…I dont know have some fun..dont worry about things..that’s it.”-Tom Groholski

“Lapped grinds thats all that matters…I dont know have some fun..dont worry about things..that’s it.”

-Tom Groholski


Those words of wisdom still hold up today in this crazy modern world..

Coolness…I will post the rest of these vids over on YouTubeSkate



538: YouTubeSkate- NSA 1987 Ramp N Rage Cameron Tabbytite, Gary Anderson, Buck Smith, Ken Fillion, Steve Schneer, Tom Groholski, Alan Losi, Jeff Grosso, Craig Johnson, Lance Mountain, John Gibson, Gator, Kevin Staab and Tony Magnusson.

507: Tom Groholski Rio de Janeiro via Pocket Pistols Skates

So there is very little footage out there of Tom and what does turn up is him skating in Brazil? Go figure… Nice work by Pocket Pistol Skates for uploading and The DR. Menditto for discovering.

Jason Oliva