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475: Sean Kazelesky 1991 JP Stevens NoSide NJ Year Book

Sean Kazelesky “Performing” a backwards Smith Grind in his 1991 Year Book


This was in my year book in ’91. It was taken at the mini ramp built across the street fom my high School, JP Stevens in Edison. JT Murphy built the ramp with help from the locals. Pat Guidotti, Matt Wood and all North Edison Kids shredded this thing. Pic was taken by Vasil D.

Sean Kazelesky


This is classic, I dig the write up too its very yearbook/student lifey…especially the use of the word “Performing” The coolest thing I got in a yearbook was a tongue in cheek comment about a love for Model railroading….Although I still give this yearbook pic a second place to Rocky Vertones 8th grade yearbook picture which if I had access too I would insert right here:

Sean is doing us all a great service and digging out a lot of gems from the Edison N-Jay folks…Maaaan W.H.R.H.S. and JP Stevens turned out some great skaters…must be something in the water.