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528: Reese Simpson and Ken Sigafoos at Trashmore VA, Schmitt Stix Graphic

Reese Simpson Trashmore VA

Photos Ken Deitz

I often wondered how people like Ken Sigafoos and Jay Henry got to do all these great skate graphics for people back in the day  and now I realise…they were all friends who skated together. Here are pics of Reese and Ken from the same Va Trashmore session…How great is this Ken Sigafoos Schmitt Stix graphic….I miss the good ole days of skate graphics…Skater’s Name + Some kinda Creature + The Company Name…full stop, your choice of color as long as you choose the color in stock.

Jason Oliva

Ken Sigafoos Va Trashmore

Photo Dave Padulo

Reese Simpson Schmitt Stix graphic by Ken Sigafoos

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