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424: Danny Gonzalez retires from skateboarding

Jason Oliva

To be honest I did not know about Danny Gonzalez until I stumbled upon this vid, but what I do know is (Im sure the Captain will agree) what its like to not be able to skate due to injury. In my case it was several dislocated shoulders and a subsequent operation. Even as I type this I am laid up on the couch with a wrenched back and no milk in the house.  I have to say there are a couple things in this video that I definitely have had re-occurring dreams about, like the ollies to one foot jazz…lets face it all my street skating has occurred in dream form but I do dig watching that Ray Barbee street cruising street style in the vids.  Being a pro who has to hang up his guns must be awful I cant say that I can comprehend what that feels like but I can sympathize. So to all those who have been sidelined due to injury and age (especially Danny) I say, Cheers for pushing it that far and not playing it safe.


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