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259: Derek Krasauskas checks in with some Geoff photography!

Hell Ramp Derek Krasauskas

Derek Krasauskas Hell Ramp, Maryland 1987


I have some good old and new things that I will send. I skate
with Geoff all the time still and he still shoots lots of pics. The
first shot is me at the Hell Ramp around 1987 I would guess, and the
second is at our local spot that is called Chaumpa Ramp. It has a 9ft
tranny section and a 10ft tranny with a hip and a pocket. Its fun and
its private but we still have 15 to 20 person sessions.

Derek Krasauskas Kick flip Chaumpa Ramp

D.K. Chaumpa Ramp Maryland ,Circa Now
Photo by Local skater named Jason… no relation

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Thanks Derek!

Cant wait to see some more pics. Nice to know everyone is still ripping and Geoff is still documenting it all.



55: Who’s on Deck? 1988 Hell Ramp…psssst its Bucky Lasek


Bernie O’Dowd layback grind Hell Ramp 1988

Winter of ’88. Went to the Hell Ramp with Rocky and Corn. There was snow on
the ground and a young Bucky Lasek on the deck. Rocky’s shitty car kept over
heating on the way home.


Nice one Bernie!

jason oliva