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575: This Andy Cam may make you a bit dizzingly sick!!

Andy MacDonald At Tony Hawk Inc “Andy Cam”

I totally dig and subscribe to the ‘Andy Cam’ and I look forward to the weekends when I get some youtube subscriptions via email. I have to admit though this one actually maked me a bit dizzy and headachey to be warned!

Here is Any’s link so you too can subscribe to the vomit comet that is the Andy Cam:


552: YouTubeSkate- Grant Brittain’s Skateboard Mag cover this month (May Issue 74) features a crazy photo of Andy MacDonald and Tony Hawk performing ‘Stacked Inverts” photo by Atiba Jefferson

Remember when looking at pictures of things like frontside hand plants made you scratch your head and think how did they get into that position…good thing we have youtube…

How crazy is this?  Wait till you see the Atiba Jefferson cover shot:

The Skateboard Mag

If someone sees this on the news stand in the States grab me a copy…feels like a collectors item to me.

Too Cool

Jason Oliva

Tony Hawk Andy MacDonald

Photo Atiba Jefferson