471: Dan Tag, Rocky Vertone at The Barn photo Dennis Kane

Dan Tag Layback Air The Barn circa 1986

Tag is blasting a big Layback Air on the pool cope side.  That was our first set of pool cope before we put down Masonite. Rocky Vertone. with an old Steve Cab deck and an Evan Feen Barfoot snowboard poster on the wall.

Dennis Kane

Nice one Dennis!! Remember the days of being able to eat pizza twice a day and riding the Barn kept you looking like Bruce Lee.




3 thoughts on “471: Dan Tag, Rocky Vertone at The Barn photo Dennis Kane

  1. DaveP

    Great shot Dennis. I remember that was some burly coping. Check out the black and white shot I took of Murph that Jason posted (#311) to the archive. Look at his back trucks almost hanging up on the front side grind. A gnarly man on some gnarly coping….and the beauty is, it was all probably just another random Wednesday night at the barn series. Good times indeed.


  2. DennisK

    Another look at the same harsh lip on what could have been the same week (possibly the same day) in 1985. I would bet these two shots came from the same roll of film. Rocky on the right looks like he never moved. That old coping had some serious cracks and gaps that would require a little extra power to grind over and live to tell about. But the pop was perfect.


  3. Mrs. Kane

    This looks vaguely familiar… As you guys would say, “gnarly”!!!! I just love it that you guys have these incredible memories… Guess I love it, too…


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