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520: The Dust Bowls PA 1999-2000 :Derek Rinaldi, Patrick Guidotti and Frank Straker

Dust Bowls 1999-2000

Filmed by Frank Straker

Edited by Patrick Guidotti

DIY is not just a phrase to be thrown around, it’s the very foundation of skateboarding. DIY is what created skateboarding. The term multi-use may not have been created by skateboarders, but we have found a way to perfect the concept. Benches, ledges, railings, and pools were all designed with specific function. Skaters had their own ideas.

The world is a playground, you just have to have know how to use it.

Most skate spots carry a shelf like similar to milk, so it’s best to get on them enjoy them for as long as possible. It’s rare that spots become heirlooms, to be passed down for generations. Manicured and added down as time goes on.

Yards from a Pennsylvania Interstate but miles from anyone’s radar sits one of the best skate parks that was never designed for skateboarding. It’s free, you don’t have to wear pads, and you can listen to Mercyful Fate as loud as you want.

For years skaters have been riding the bowled, concrete water spillway that is the Dust Bowls, adding simple nuances here and there, QuickCrete, angle iron, parking blocks etc.

Having been designed for one purpose and refined for another while never jeopardizing it’s original function. You can call it multi-use, you can call it adaptation. But it’s just skateboarding. And it’s just perfect.

Derek Rinaldi

Too cool…looks like yesterday as opposed to a decade ago. I still have my Thrasher Skate Mag Cassette knocking around as well.

Rumor has it Derek can do some frontside marvel  on one of those walls.


Guidotti Playing Director At Dust Bowls

Zoli (w/ Camera), Nick Urso (w/ quickie Cam)

Photo Derek Rinaldi

Patrick G,

Photo Kiifner

Courtesy Totally Skateboading

475: Sean Kazelesky 1991 JP Stevens NoSide NJ Year Book

Sean Kazelesky “Performing” a backwards Smith Grind in his 1991 Year Book


This was in my year book in ’91. It was taken at the mini ramp built across the street fom my high School, JP Stevens in Edison. JT Murphy built the ramp with help from the locals. Pat Guidotti, Matt Wood and all North Edison Kids shredded this thing. Pic was taken by Vasil D.

Sean Kazelesky


This is classic, I dig the write up too its very yearbook/student lifey…especially the use of the word “Performing” The coolest thing I got in a yearbook was a tongue in cheek comment about a love for Model railroading….Although I still give this yearbook pic a second place to Rocky Vertones 8th grade yearbook picture which if I had access too I would insert right here:

Sean is doing us all a great service and digging out a lot of gems from the Edison N-Jay folks…Maaaan W.H.R.H.S. and JP Stevens turned out some great skaters…must be something in the water.