472: “The Captain” John Ballon Ocean City Maryland

John Ballon Ocean City Maryland

I am gonna guess that this was taken by either Geoff Graham or Ben Cornish…the fisheye makes me think Ben…anyone know?


3 thoughts on “472: “The Captain” John Ballon Ocean City Maryland

  1. bernie o'dowd

    Go Cap’n!
    Love the dirty sweat sock knee gaskets and home made “Steam” shirt.
    I think the pic was from Geoff I have some that look like they’re from the same day.

  2. jasonoliva Post author

    Hey Bern

    I was gonna mention the homemade Steam shirt.Send some pics. I have been cleaning up the site all day today. Getting the post count right, eliminating and reorganising categories as well. Streamlined for 2010.

  3. jayhenry

    I don’t know who took it, but I love it. I miss skating that ramp on super hot summer friday nights, after which we had our fill of beers and goodtimes with all the great skaters that would be at OC.


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