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537: More Florida: Neil Blender at Kona 1981?

Neil Blender on the ramp at Kona (Florida)

Click the image to view via KonaSkatepark

I found this while I was looking for something else…its cool when that happens. There are a couple more of these via Kona. I will attend to entering them into the archive post haste!


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458: Behind the scenes shot of The Animal Chin Ramp from Tony Hawk’s Twitpic…Neil Blender on Deck!

Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero “Mirror” Inverts

Stacy Peralta, CR Steyck and Neil Blender on Deck

OK so this went out from Tony Hawk on Twitter a cool behind the scene shot of The Animal Chin ramp and shoot. I understand almost 100% of this picture………..Neil Blender on Deck! Did he skate? did someone take his picture or aim a camera at him!! Was he the skate choreographer? like they use in martial arts films? (Animal Chin had a kinda kung fu’ish theme). Anyway if there is a photo or a video, let me know…or if there is and it has not been released. Hopefully we will see it! That would make a great webisode!


This just in:

Yes, Neil did skate it for a bit. Not sure if there’s any footage or pics, but he did ride it:)

Steve Caballero


Now all we have to do is wait for a picture to turn up…I am feeling confident.

Jason Oliva Artist

I am adding this to my Christmas list:

-One Picture of Neil Blender skating the Animal Chin Ramp

216: Neil Blender Great Desert Ramp Battle 1985 (Donner Party?)

210: Vision Street Wear: Steve Caballero, Chris Miller, Mark Rogowski, Craig Johnson, Monty Nolder, Tony Magnusson, Eric Nash, Mike McGill, Micke Alba, Christian Hosoi, Nikki Guerrero, Eddie Elquera, Neil Blender, Jason Jesse, Tony Hawk,

167: Aaron Franquero and Neil Blender circa 1985 skate video

Hey man whats up? I like your site. I am a skater of many years,
origionally from Globe Arizona, now living in Portland OR. here are some
skate pics and a drawing I made. The frontside is from 1987, Globe
Arizona, I was just learning frontside airs. The sweeper is from last year
in Globe Arizona, at the historic Globe Ditch. keep up the great skate
archive. Its really awesome. thanks AF

Aaron Franquero




Awesomeness!! AF

Thanks for spreading the word about The House of Steam and turning me on to thee killer Neil Blender clip.

Anyone else skate the Globe Ditch in AZ?… Taylor?


jason oliva


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