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528: Reese Simpson and Ken Sigafoos at Trashmore VA, Schmitt Stix Graphic

Reese Simpson Trashmore VA

Photos Ken Deitz

I often wondered how people like Ken Sigafoos and Jay Henry got to do all these great skate graphics for people back in the day  and now I realise…they were all friends who skated together. Here are pics of Reese and Ken from the same Va Trashmore session…How great is this Ken Sigafoos Schmitt Stix graphic….I miss the good ole days of skate graphics…Skater’s Name + Some kinda Creature + The Company Name…full stop, your choice of color as long as you choose the color in stock.

Jason Oliva

Ken Sigafoos Va Trashmore

Photo Dave Padulo

Reese Simpson Schmitt Stix graphic by Ken Sigafoos

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322: Another Sigafoos gem: Schmitt Stix, Reese Simpson

Art by Ken Sigafoos

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Another gem by Steam boy Sigafoos.



250: The bullet hole in my Chevette……

Bullet hole chevette todd morrow

Todd Morrow’s Bullet ridden Chevette sometime in the 80’s

The bullet hole in my Chevette came from Rob & Ken

Rob Mertz Ken Sigafoos
our erstwhile heros!

screwing with some gangsters while stopped at a train crossing. When we started moving they started shooting. Sigafoos was about 3″ from getting shot in the back.

Ill send more.

Todd Morrow

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Nice One!!

I dig the fact that the cops and robbers hated skaters.


Ps. Did everyone have a Misfits shirt back in the day?

todd Morrow 89 astro

Todd Morrow Thruster 1989 

172: THE House of Tom!!: EAST COAST PRIDE by Tom Groholski.



Skateboarding was way underground back in the early 80’s

after the parks closed and lots of people bailed. The fire was not

out though, not in our neck of the woods. Ramps were built in

backyards, the woods, and, yes, even barns. If you wanted to

skateboard in the Northeast, you had to work for it — build it yourself —

get out there and help others build theirs, and get it going.

The weather was also a huge obstacle. Rain was always a bummer,

but snow and ice was where it got interesting. Shovel the ramp before

the driveway. When the driveway and sidewalk were done, the ramp would

be dry. Chipping ice and melting it with space heaters was common.

Getting to ride was the payoff.

The one place shovels weren’t needed though, was the Barn. The

Kane brothers, along with Jay “Damn it!” Henry and the future Team Steam,

beat the elements with a 12′ wide, 8′ tranny, and 1′ vert ramp with angle iron

for coping. 12′ Wide was cool, but 16′ was better, and soon the ramp was

widened, layered with masonite and topped with pipe coping on the dark

side and some chunky rock top pool coping on the other.

From my vantage point, I couldn’t see the coping on the next wall

from the deck due to the beams that held the lights and the barn together.

Your hands would sometimes hit the beam if you flailed. Bats would fly,

rats, possums and raccoons dug the place and kept it interesting.

Skating at night was a bonus, but when someone would trip over the

extension cord outside, you’d better hope you weren’t riding.

You never knew who would turn up. The door would open

and “No way!” You were greeted by friends you haven’t seen in a

long time. The locals would session all of the time, but Wednesdays

and Saturdays were when the out-of-towner’s would know there would

be a session. Heavy sessions went down. Total aggression. Punk and

metal blasted, and so did the skaters. It was all happening fast, so you’d

better be paying attention.

Unreal times, great memories, and lifelong friendships, all thanks

to skateboarding. Talk about East Coast pride — mine stems from the

places we built and rode, but most importantly the people I’ve been

fortunate to get to know along the way.

Tom Groholski

For The House of Steam 2007

Tom Groholski Barn 85 Jason oliva The House of steam

Tom Groholski 85 The Barn NJ

Photo by I CHING

Not gonna say much here, Tom said it all…

I will add though the chunky pool coping was taken off of my folks back yard pool!!

thanks Mom and Dad.

Along with this crazy good essay Tom has sent us 12 seriously vintage photos so lets call it The House of Tom while I get em all posted.

Thanks to Wendy and Tony for getting it all together…(Check out

Squindo Skull The House of Steam

and Tom for the big Ole stamp of approval!!! You Rule!!




131: Article from Concrete Disciples about our boy Rob Mertz

Originally published in Concrete Disciples


Link to Robs MERTZWORLD website

1. Before you were skating with pros, who was the pro you most admired and why?

Well, I’ve been skating for 30 years now. Early on I admired Tony Alva then it shifted to Duane Peters and Salba, then later, Tom Groholski and Jim Murphy, then Jeff Phillips, Craig Johnson, Tex Gibson, and then guys like Mike Frazier took over.

2. How long was your professional journey and where did it take you?

I turned pro in ’88, then in ’92 right when skating died, I hurt my back and neck real bad on a 540 in Florida. I was out for almost 2 years.

3. What’s the most unbelievable thing you’ve ever seen?

That’s a tough one. I lived in my van for 4 years traveling up and down the east coast skating and there’s been tons of funny stories. Hanging with Craig Johnson so much brings many stories to my head. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be Le Grand Bournand in ’90. It was a huge contest in Europe where a zillion kids went to this little town with only a few police there. We were all hangin downtown playing pool when I smelled something burning, I looked to my right and saw one of Craig’s dreadlocks hanging in this light fixture on fire. I said “Craig, your hair’s on fire!” and he proceeded to rip it off the wall. The lights were connected all the way around the room so, they all started coming down. Some bouncers came over to try to contain Craig and then the shit hit the fan. We started throwing stuff and screaming and it started this unbelievable chain reaction that led to a complete riot with a few thousand skaters. The national guard had to be called in the next morning to contain it. Thrasher ran a pretty good story on it. It was insane. Too funny. I remember screaming “Rape and pillage, burn the village!!” from our hotel balcony…..

4. What’s been the toughest thing in your life to deal with?

Probably not having the support from my family to do what I wanted-skateboard. I kinda understand it now though. Skating wasn’t as accepted as it is now and they thought I was on drugs…..the whole situation was pretty lame. Groholski’s dad was totally into it. I thought that was cool.

5. Where is the strangest place you’ve called home?

Well, in 1985, I split Pennsylvania to live on top of the Clown ramp in Dallas for a while, then we went to Houston for the S.U.A.S. contest. After that, we got jobs at Gulf Coast Distribution, (thanks to Tim Piumarta of NHS), which is now Southshore, (yo Damien!), and for a while, we were living underneath this home run fence of this high school baseball field. Every morning, the gym teacher would take his class for laps and yell at us to split. It was in a kinda gnarly section of town. We’d hear gunshots all the time. We kept this big screwdriver plunged into the ground for our protection….like that would do anything…ha. That and living in my van for so long….
6. What does your setup consist of? Do you have more than one?

Right now, I’m riding one of our Status 8.5″ decks with some Indy’s and some of our Status 62mm wheels.

7. Tell us a good story from your tours in a band…

Our band tours weren’t as crazy. All the bands that I’ve been in have been mostly straight edge bands and there aren’t really too many problems…….lots of long drives and crazy shows….

8. What lays over the horizon for you? (The future)

Taking Syndrome to the top and skating tons along the way. I’m recuperating from shoulder reconstruction right now. I’m also doing a project record with some guys. That should be fun.

9. What would your ideal skatepark have in it?

Vert, Vert, and more Vert.

10. Was being from the east coast the biggest reason for not getting much coverage?

Oh, definitely. That and not caring if we got coverage. We skated because that’s what we wanted to do, not because we were looking for a job…..We didn’t care about anything. I remember after I won the Cedar Crest contest in ’86, we went to this girls house for a giant party, the next morning we came back and all the doors to my van were swung wide open. Everything we owned was stolen. My friend Ken, who was staying with me in the van, was like “should we just go home?” cuz we were only 5 hours from Pa. and I was all “No way, man!!”. The next few days we skated the Crest with no pads and I hung up on a giant alley oop indy over the channel and knocked myself out……

11. What is your favorite toy (besides a skateboard)?

My dirtbike, (’02 YZ250), or my drums and guitars….my recording studio at my house too….

Big what’s up to all my friends….Mosh brothers, Bernie O’Dowd, T.G. Murph, the Texas crew, Nash, Ben, V.P., McGill, Borst, Cab, Tony, Brando, T.J., Stanton, Donny Myhre, Frazier and the whole Fla. crew and anyone who’s let me stay on their floor….

Remember Concrete Disciples rules!! (jason oliva)

jason oliva

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121: Dan Tag and Ken Sigafoos at Cheapskates 1988…Verrry Nice


Dan Tag and Ken Sigafoos at Cheapskates 1988 PA

Photo by Wig

So beside being a classic photo the reason I posted this is because I hae had more then one request to post the Ken Sigafoos designed stickers for Cheap Skates especially the  “I skated cheapskates  long cold winter of 88” So if you got one scan it and send it in if its stuck on something send a picture….and Ken if your out there send some pics and art work….

jason oliva