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532: ‘Dr Sk8board’ Mike Coyle checks in from Florida.

Mike “DrS8Board” Coyle  Sarasota, Florida Ramp 301

Mike Coyle 301 ramp circa 88 Sarasota Florida

hey man,

Found a classic pic..from a ramp called 301….from around 1988 or 1989….the deck im riding is a “bogey” deck…billy “bogey” beauregard….he hand cut and shaped the one im riding and he did the graphics by hand also….the other pic is me doing a nice solid invert on the pool coping sans helmet…yikes!


Mike “DrSk8Board” Coyle himself checks in from Florida. Mike has been a long time reader and commentator on THOS and also he has fixed alot of pro skaters tweaked backs throughout the years. He is still seeing ton’s of patients and finds time to skate with his son in the good old ‘Driveway Skatepark’

Doc n Roll Driveway Florida

I never visited Florida for any skating reasons but I know alot was happening there and Mike has sent in some cool stuff for the archive, which I will get too. I also dug the hand cut and hand painted Billy Beauregard deck (who I will get to). Too bad the Wall Street Journal did not just run an article on board art from the 80’s, that would have been a better read.

Thanks Mike


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