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605: Hey Murph! F’off…. from Bill

Jim Murphy & Bill Danforth 1987

Hey Murph

We had a lot of fun throughout the years.I remember our times together especially that day in 1987 signing autographs at the King of Prussia Mall but I have to say I am officially over you and you can F%&K Off


Too cool… Nice shirt wonder where I can get one?



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562: The House of Steam shop presents LandShark Wheels: Mike Vallely, Raybourn, Danforth, Svitak and the evolution of a skate shop decision.

Back in 2009 I was sent a vid of Romona from [En-Jay] Chris at S-one, that is when I saw Ben Raybourn huck a padless McTwist and was gobsmacked. Soon after I discovered LandShark wheels via another video of Ben killing it in the Bondai Bowl, san’s pads once again. I thought if you are gonna skate that aggressively with nothing to protect yourself but your wheels your gonna only ride good wheels. Then I discovered a video of Kristian Svitak skating while I was searching for a Damned song and got drawn in further. This all got my DIY Ethos Brain thinking and I suddenly wanted a shop that offered any choice of wheel as long as that choice was Landshark! So here is this new indy wheel company with these aggressive skaters, a great wheel that has a no flat spot guarantee with a name and a logo based on a bad  tattoo decision by founder Kristian Svitak and the band FANG…what more could push one over the edge to the realisation that this could be the the greatest wheel company of all time…..then Mike Vallely and Bill Danforth decided to ride for them!  That was it for me…. an email to Mike and a bit of back n forth and there you go….LandShark in THOS Shop and for all the reasons above I would be hard pressed to add another wheel.

So here is the multi-media recap:

Raybourn’s Pad less McTwist, catch a glimpse of Tag’s Frontside invert over the channel right afterwards too.

Raybourn kills it in the Bondai Bowl..LandShark discovered

Kristian Svitak discovered killing it on street to The Damned

Bad Tattoos make great Company names and logos….

FANG! Yeah I probably should have put up the LandShark song but this video is too badass to leave out.

Danforth is in……

so is Vallely.

So I put my money where my mouth is and THOS Shop is in too….

As you may surmise I am having a blast setting up and slowly building this shop, everyone is excited that it is growing via the community we have created and that it is supporting some old school values. Now that we are all burdened by the internet and its unlimited choices it feels cool to have a place that only offers ‘One’ Choice….the obvious one!

Cheers to everyone who helped make this happen. More to come…

Jason Oliva Artist

Mike V Photo by Mark Choiniere.

487: Ben Raybourn Bondai Bowl Australia 2009 : Land Shark Wheels

Well I dislocated my shoulder wearing full pads on a miniramp….Killing it in a giant pool in Australia without  pads…not even a long sleeve T-shirt would have made for a better story. Not sure if Ben dislocated his shoulder but it looked painful…Skating has become so fricken gnarley, looks like Ben can teach a seminar on frontside smiths as well…too cool. I remember when skating a ramp in the middle of winter with snow on the ground was considered gnarley….Whole new level these days. Great stuff, killer vid, killer sound.


ps LandSharkWheels (you will have trouble getting the tune out of your head…you have been warned!)

202: DeHLs Inc. PA, Jake “E” Golf, John Stafy…and Tom Groholski, Bill Danforth, Jim Murphy

DeHLs inc.

Twenty years ago we built a ramp deep in the woods at my home in Pottstown Pa. The smoothest.. it was not. The biggest.. it was not. The most fun.. It was! The memories we have from that ramp will last a lifetime. Times like those are not manufactured, they just happen. Enjoyment was the name of the game, not profit or fortune. Watching guys like Tom Groholski skate on a local level was truly inspiring. Tom was our local hero. Watching him crail slide in that nasty pool in Reading was scary.

Tom Groholski Reading PA pool Kink Sink

Funny you should mention Tom Groholski Crail Sliding at The Kink Sink in Reading PA

The House of Steam delivers!

Photo provided by Tom Groholski

I would like to thank Jason Oliva for immortalizing DeHLs Inc. It stands for Defransisco, Egolf, Hare, Lawhorne and Stafy. We ripped it off from Metallica”s Damage inc. Complete with copied skull drawing with a truck in the skull and broken deck dangling from the bottom.

Dehls dehls

We all built that ramp with “acquired” plywood, scrap lumber and weekend work money, carpenters (we had the smashed thumbs to prove it) we were not, but skaters we were. Hopefully Jason will do our photos justice, and although we never knew of Team Steam we had a very similar scene in Pa. sporting the same mismatched pads, loud music and love of skating.

Jake “E”golf

Atlanta Ga., August 2007

The Dehls crew rule! Jake, John and others have been a huge part of The House of Steam Community from day one. Its a pleasure to have you guys post all your memories here into the archive….that’s what its here for.

Let me know about names and places in the pics and I will get it all sorted out.



Jake E Golf The hose of Steam Dehls 88 PA

Jake E Golf 88 PA

Jake E Golf Dehls Pa  88 The House of Steam

Jake E Golf Pa 88

John Stafy Pa Dehls 88 the house of steam

Jon Stafy 88 PA

John Stafy Pa Dehls 88 the house of steam

Jon Stafy Mercury paper PA

John Stafy Pa Dehls 88 the house of steam

Jon Stafy Mercury paper PA

Bill Danforth and Jim Murphy The House of Steam

Bill Danforth and Jim “Team Steam” Murphy at The King of Prussia Mall 1987…too cool

Photo jake E Golf


I dig the shot of Murph and Danforth autographing at the mall…

Ill add more of your pics to the post soon.


YouTubeSkate (Videos)




East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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191: Pro Ramp Skating in Texas: John “TEX” Gibson, Craig Johnson, Jeff Phillips, Bill Danforth, Ken Fillion, Dan Wilkes, Steve “SALBA” Alba, Tom Groholski, Jim Murphy

190: Pro Ramp Skating in Texas: John “TEX” Gibson, Craig Johnson, Jeff Phillips, Bill Danforth, Ken Fillion, Dan Wilkes, Steve “SALBA” Alba, Tom Groholski, Jim Murphy