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299: Team Steam 1987 Photo Annual

All Photos By Benjamin Cornish (Photo of Bernie O’Dowd by Jason Oliva

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

With only one copy left to be known in existence (The Oliva copy) we are fortunate that the Team Steam 1987 Photo Annual (8.5″ x 11″) survives in its entirety. All photo’s layouts and printing(Xeroxing) were done by Ben Cornish and we thank him for it!


150: Darren Menditto Blue Ramp NJ circa 85

Darren Menditto Jason oliva the house of steam

Darren Menditto The Blue Ramp NJ circa 1985

Photo Derek Rinaldi

Not much to say about this one cept… MOOOOSE!!

Are you on the deck of this photo? Let me know!

Another Gem from Derek Rinaldi..thanks man.

jason oliva

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140: The Blue Ramp NJ being built in the early 80’s. Bernie O’Dowd 85

Blue Ramp Construction jason oliva the house of steam

Blue Ramp under construction in New Jersey Early 80’s

Cant remember who sent me this one but if your out their send me your name again.

Bernie O’Dowd 85 blue ramp jason oliva the house of steam

Bernie O’Dowd 85 Blue ramp NJ

Dig the Police Ghost in the Machine tag…too funny




Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish

86: 1987 Team Steam Skateboarding Photo Annual Dan Tag Jim Murphy Bernie O’Dowd Rick Steamboat Charnoski Darren Moose Menditto Rocky Vertone Jimmy Kane Chris Weep Blank and Tom Groholski


Team Steam 1987 Photo Annual

Well here it is in all its glory!

Photos by:

jason oliva

ben cornish

geoff graham and others.

Skaters in order of appearance:

Dan Tag (Cover)

Jim Murphy

Rob Mertz

Bernie o’Dowd

Dan Tag

Rick Steamboat Chanoski

Darren Menditto

Rocky Vertone

Jimmy Kane

Jim Murphy

Chris DJ King WEEP Blank

Tom Groholski (back cover)

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Jason Oliva

43: Tom Groholski’s Juice Interview


Tom skating his backyard ramp…and talkin bout the Barn.


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jason oliva


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