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496: New Juice TV: Venice Pool Session 2009:Jesse Martinez, Aaron Murray,Steve Olsen, Pat Ngoho, Chrisiton Hosoi, Scott Oster and Bennett Haradad

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327: Glen “The East Coast Legend” Charnoski


Team Steam’s Glen Charnoski has checked in and is doing fine competing against and beating those West coast legends left and right. Here are some pics of him doing his thing at the GVR Master Bowl.

Here is the footage of Glen’s win:

#37: GVR 2007 Masters Bowl Finals, SoCal Skatepark:Glen Charnoski, Steve Caballero, Pat Ngoho, Lester Kasai, Duane Peters, Eddie Reategui

239: Glen Charnoski beats Stevie Caballero at the So Cal Skatepark 2007 Masters Bowl

Plus I ran into him at my local park yesterday. Skates like he did in O.C. In ’89! Bernie O’Dowd

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Thanks for this Bern!!

Let’s see for ourselves!

JFA live in the background,

Team Steam’s Glen Charnoski still skating for Allentown PA pride.

Beating Cab and landing a “Caballaerial”….too cool!!

Nice one Charno.