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541: YouTubeSkate- FDR PA

437: Weapons of Choice 1- Photo Jason Oliva -Nike Air Jordans Blue n Black


Mid 80′ Blue N Black Air Jordans

Foot Armor -Jason Oliva

Photo by -Jason Oliva

Avatar Jason Oliva

So I thought I would start a new category in the Archive called Weapons of Choice, a place to document all the armor and tools of the trade. SO send me some pics!

Back in the day you didnt have to be Sherlock Holmes to tell who skated vert. One glance at the feet and the jig was up, no need to even confess. Vert shoes would cause murder mystery wonderment amongst  the uninitiated, racking their brains for the answer as to  how  you wear out the tops of your sneakers even to the point your big toes were visible!(some Chuck taylor wearers even had big toe holes in all their socks as well, too funny)

During the 80’s there was a shoe shop in South Plainfield , NJ that we would hit up while en route to the Salvation Army looking for clothes. The shoe shop  was great, they had one shrink wrap shoe on the wall and they brought out the other one if you wanted to buy them, and that was that. No selection of sizes at all. I cleaned em out of over sized Air Jordans for a couple years. Red Black n  Blue(x2), Black n white (wore those only one time to the prom) , metallic blue and white, then one day I scored a pair of Red n Black and Blue n Black (both a perfect fit) I think they cost $18 as well. I wore the blue n blacks skating for over 20 years (the last time was 06-07 at the Battery Park skate park) My blue n black and Red n blacks look like they have been blasted by a shot gun under the duct tape…I even took a 12 inch splinter (which I kept forever in my skate-bag) through the top between my big and second toes through my sock and out the sole-lucky that time.Unfortunately over time the foam in the ankles would rot, but they still look good. I always kept em in my bag too and would wear my Puma cats (another life altering score from the shop, for you FaceBook Users you can see em here: http://tinyurl.com/opkxux) for walking and street skating. It was often a bit of muddy/snowy mess out to the Barn.  Most NJ/PA ramps required a traipse through the woods or snow and I think that alone started the habit of having two pairs of sneakers, it was never the hi performance issue that shoes seem to garnish these days. You just needed to keep your  “Wednesday  best” sneakers outta the muck.

Ok send some gear pics, boards, sneakers etc whatever is lying about. I know I have a pair of unused Texas Pads up in the attic…Are they still around?



Jason Oliva (Ben Cornish looking on) 1987 NJ McDowells ramp.

Sporting said ‘Air Jordans’….and some Jay Henry drawn/Tom Groholski skate shorts!

430: The House of Steam – Year three!!

Groholski at home Padulo Brutha oic

Tom Groholski at Home NJ circa 1984? 

Photo by The Padulo Brutics!

Avatar Jason Oliva

So on July 20th THOS turned three years old. Crazy to think I have been living with this thing that long in two different countries as well. It has been a great year from my vantage point it seems there has been no downturn in the brotherhood sector of the economy. A high water mark is obviously Jim Murphy being recognized for his charitable/skate endeavors but along with that I have my eye on a lot of other seeds that have been planted and people tied to this community seem to be gravitating towards one another with results to follow. So THOS continues on into year 4 – keep the pics and stories flowing and I promise to keep it all moving so no one will ever have time to hang a sign on us.

Cheers, My Bruthas and Sistas!


Ps How sick is that photo of Tom! Nice one Dave!

408: Happy 40oz. Derek Rinaldi!!


Friday May 29th!

790 Metropolitan Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

If you are in the area go to Brooklyn and buy DR a drink and say it was from me! Sorry the pic is so small but thats what happens when Playas use their crackberry’s instead of proper compy’s.

Dont think of it as 40 think of it as the (hold on grabbing calculator) 22nd anniversary of your 18th birthday!

Have a good one my Brutha!


405: Jeff Roennings ramp(one of many) NJ mid 80’s: Who’s who?

jeff roennings ramp

Jeff Roennings Backyard mid 80’s

Jason Oliva
I know I have said this before but I am in the process of getting together a shot of all of Jeff’s ramps that scattered the Watchung/Warren NJ landscape in the 80’s. In the meantime I received this pic…so lets do a who’s who? If you are in the pic or can recognize someone post it in the comments:

From left to right(7 Skaters)

1.Weep  (White Helmet)

2.Jeff Roenning  (Yellow Helmet)

3.Rocky Vertone (Red Helmet)

4.Steven Deitz (Dropping in)

5.(red helmet)

6.Bob Losito  (ground)

7.(Far Platform)


So far this is the general consensus 


399: Rocky Vertone Air to Axle at The Barn, long time ago…Yo!

rocky vertone air to axle

Rocky Vertone Air to Axle at The Barn NJ

Judging by the hair, earrings and outfit on the girl I think we can date this one around 85-86.
This is the first of many new gems from the Ken & Steven Deitz collection. You will be blown away when you see them all everything from The Barn, to Toms and Even Jay Henry’s old ramp…which eventually became the Barn Ramp.
Sorry I have been slack lately, its time to pic up the pace again.


397: “DR” Derek Rinaldi Brooklyn Bridge Circa NOW YO!! Photo Felipe Lara

Derek Rinaldi Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by Felipe Lara

Derek Rinaldi still crazying it up!! He is over scribing for those Juicesters now so hopefully he wont forget about his brethren at THOS.

Lean in or pull out the mag glass and check in on this 2009 Sequence at the Brooklyn Bridge Banks.