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509: Spit and Goo Issue 2 “THE BARN ISSUE” and Mark Gonzales comes to En-Jay by Ken and Steve Deitz 1986

Spit and Goo Issue 2 1986 By Ken and Steve Deitz NJ

BARN article

WestWood Cycle Sponsored contest with Marc Gonzalez

This is well worth a read… classic 80’s skatezine from ken and Steve Deitz. All the usual suspects appear in The Barn section. It really makes me recall what was going on in our lives circa 1986. I must admit to having watched Mark Gonzales instead of the contest.

Great stuff

Thanks to Jeff Roenning for vaulting this gem all these years.

480: Saturday Night Live at The Barn – Circa 1986..Thanks to Mike Vallely

I’m not gonna say much about this video except thanks to Mike Vallely for getting this filmed back in the day and giving it to us for the archive and another thanks to Larry Ransom for his editing and THOS support throughout the years. Another big thanks goes to Dennis who after searching the web for this footage decided to go to the source and clinched it all. The still images are of Mikes early Vert days at The Barn and the song is Revolution Mother “Night Ride” (pretty fitting) If you comment with a time and a name I will create a gallery of screen grabs…I will get the ball rolling with an important one: 1:24 Weep on Deck.

Enjoy the show…The time is now!!

Jason Oliva Artist


This is great. Mike talks about the first video he was in. “Action East” If I remember correctly, they showed up at The Barn with all this high-end video, lights and sound gear. It was right in the middle of a hot session. I was like, “What the hell is this???”

The guy who owned the company was like, “Can we film a video here?” and I said, “What’s in it for me?” (as if I was going to say No). This was way beyond squeezing 10 bucks out of some squid for “the new layer.” So he flowed me a “No Fun Joe” deck, a t-shirt and some other free shit and I said, “Go for it!” Of course, our power situation was a 300 yard extension cord to the house that kept blowing out. The next contest I entered as….sponsored by Action East.

Let’s see if we can get this classic film posted.

Skater by order of appearance:

1st couple stills Mike Vallely

Papo Capillo No Shirt Red Shorts

Dennis Kane Silver helmet after Papo…Big Indy Air later on

Jimmy Kane Yellow helmet white Tee no sleeves

Mike Vallely Yellow helmet layback air

Papo on roller skates?

Matt padulo Red shorts Layback Air/Backside Air

Tom Groholski Black Shirt Inverts/Layback Air

Bernie O’Dowd No Helmet Frontside air/Invert/Layback Air

Who does the big air with the pink helmet?

Loads of peeps on the deck and on the couch too

471: Dan Tag, Rocky Vertone at The Barn photo Dennis Kane

Dan Tag Layback Air The Barn circa 1986

Tag is blasting a big Layback Air on the pool cope side.  That was our first set of pool cope before we put down Masonite. Rocky Vertone. with an old Steve Cab deck and an Evan Feen Barfoot snowboard poster on the wall.

Dennis Kane

Nice one Dennis!! Remember the days of being able to eat pizza twice a day and riding the Barn kept you looking like Bruce Lee.




439: Papo Capillo at The Barn

papo capillo stand up frontside grind

Papo Capillo Stand up frontside grind at The Barn NJ

Photo Deitz Bruthas

All eyes on NYC these days. Having been away from the place so long now I have to admit it being on my mind a lot as well. Here  is NYC’s Papo circa 1985 at The Barn in NJ…too cool


Papo was smooth like butter.  Those are Molly’s Skate Shorts with padded hips.  He gave me some red and white ones back in the day.  This cat was in all the Skates Mags back in the 1970’s.  He worked for the Ad Council in the 1980’s.  The Ad Council requires that PSAs promote positive social change in such areas as the quality of life for children, preventative health, education, community well being, and environmental preservation.  He is one of the many friends from NYC that came out and had a great time at the The Barn.  I’m sure that I was standing within a few feet of this perfect grind.  Papo is a very Cool Dude.  Great picture

Dennis Kane

415: C is for Kapten… John Ballon/Barn

John Ballon invert

Captain John Ballon Barn NJ 

Photo Dietz Bruthas

Captain n.

1. Abbr. Capt. One who commands, leads, or guides others, especially: 

a. The officer in command of a ship, an aircraft, or a spacecraft.
b. A precinct commander in a police or fire department, usually ranking above a lieutenant and below a chief.
c. The designated leader of  a team (steam) or a crew in sports.

406: Happy 40ounce WeepStar!!


Weepee right in the middle of it head and shoulders above the rest, rockin the JG Tee and the Barfoot ride…G.O.A.T. Yo!!

Photo Deitz Bruthas
Jay Henry Layback air,  Ben Cornish(Sportin a Craig Johnson),  Chris”Weep” Blank, Steve Mannion(Overkill Sticker! Possible Tommy G hand me down Gator, Rick Holtzman, A Deitz Brutha (Stripey Socks)…Who is watching from the flat?

Jason Oliva
Yar Weep, remember that time we….. maaan that was dope.

Aaahhn, B-E-A-S-T-I-E go!

Drop some love comments all!

402: And then there was Greg Colescott….. En-Jay’s finest and more Barn ramp history

Greg Colescott

Greg Colescott Frontside air at his ramp in NJ

Jason Oliva

Soooo…and then there was Greg, why is this man so important? Why do a large percentage of us owe a debt of gratitude to him? I will let Dr. Jay henry explain why Greg Colescott is our cultural patient zero. Greg is one more person in a chain that I know I have to thank for inspiring a life less ordinary.

(…also I have some amazing photos from gregs ramp to post so everyone should know a bit about the place.)

Go grab Jay the whisky in the brown bottle, curl up in front of the fire and he will tell us all a story.

Jay Henry Avatar

The Beginning of It All  (or “I’m starting to get sick of prequels but if the shoe fits wear it”)
“The Barn Ramp, where id it all come from?” A childish question but not a question a child would ask. Where did the Barn get it’s not so humble beginnings from, and why is Jay Henry such an absolute enigma of the not so modern day skate scene you wonder (yes, you were wondering that)? All joking aside, I thought since this is the House of Steam site, and I had already posted the first picture ever taken there then it would be prudent to step back for one second and point out the man responsible for it all. The history can be easily traced back to one single man for whom I give credit for the existence of the BARN RAMP, as well as so many aspects of my current life. Who is the great man you ask? His name is GREG COLESCOTT. Let’s go back to high school in Basking Ridge NJ circa 81. The year is 1981 (oh yeah, already covered that) and it’s the beginning of a new school year (I think, sounds good at least) and Jay Henry is a teenager (yeah all you little kids weren’t even born yet!) living a meaningless boring life with no end in sight. I walked into class one day, sat in my assigned desk and on the heater unit I saw a magazine, and its name was Thrasher. I can totally still remember Neil Blender doing an Andrecht handplant at the Big O, and I thought “My God, what kind of voodoo skating is this demon performing?!?!?” I found out somehow that the magazine belong to a one Greg Colesott who had just moved to our town from California (poor bastard, lucky me). I talked to Greg about skating and he took over. Let me just explain that Greg Colescott was hands down one the most ambitious, motivated, let’s make this happen kind of guy that I have ever met. I think that he felt that if he was going to make it in this town, then he would have to make this town provide him with everything that a good ole Cali boy needed; skate boarding, punk rock and a good time, which we currently had none (It really should be pointed out at this point that I lived 45 minutes from Cherry Hill Skatepark, 45 minutes from Tom Groholski, Jim Murphy, and I was totally clueless. In steps Greg). The first thing he did was to tell me how we would build a quarter pipe, but we had to make a half pipe next. This half pipe would soon be layered in 7 layers of plywood that would end up being the barn. He got us started on the quarter pipe, talked to other kids form school, got them over the house to skate and starting teaching us tricks. I had an Ampul double kick aluminum skateboard with ACS 430 trucks and Road Rider wheels. Greg didn’t even ask, told me I had to get a new board. He ordered me (without even consulting) a Salba Bevel, Indy 169s and Blackheart wheels. Next he found a half pipe that someone was giving away in another town and found a way to transport it to our house (how he found this stuff, I have no idea) The ramp was severely kinked on one side but we used it any. THAT KINK IS WHAT NECESSITATED SO MANY LAYERS, AND WHY THE BARN EXISTS TODAY. The next thing he did was to scroll around the left side of the FM dial (The Replacements did a song called “Left of the Dial” incidentally which referred to the band always and only being played on College Radio) and found the East Orange college radio station which played punk rock and new wave for 2 hours once a week(REAL new wave, not that wimpy crap that some people thinks is new wave). How he found that station I will never know. The next thing he did was start teaching me how to skate, and what tricks I needed to learn. Then he found Tom Groholski’s ramp, then met Jim Murphy. As I stated previously, Greg was a real go getter that was not going to let anything stop him from getting what he wanted. He started looking in the local papers to find punk shows in NY and upper NJ. I went to CBGB’s with Greg for the first and only time to see MDC. I saw Dead Kennedys, DOA, SSD Control, amongst other bands at my first punk show at the Beacon Theater. I saw Gang Green warm up for the Misfits at the Polaski Club in Jersey City. Greg moved back to Cali (I think) but now lives in NC and skates at a skatepark there with my boy Denny who runs Coalition Skateboards. ( I just wanted to write this tedious story to tell everyone who to thank for what we had, have, and to let you know where you’re all from.
Jay Henry