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471: Dan Tag, Rocky Vertone at The Barn photo Dennis Kane

Dan Tag Layback Air The Barn circa 1986

Tag is blasting a big Layback Air on the pool cope side.  That was our first set of pool cope before we put down Masonite. Rocky Vertone. with an old Steve Cab deck and an Evan Feen Barfoot snowboard poster on the wall.

Dennis Kane

Nice one Dennis!! Remember the days of being able to eat pizza twice a day and riding the Barn kept you looking like Bruce Lee.




427: NJ High School Ditch, Weep & Corn, Tag, Rocky, Roenning circa 85 A Padulo Brothers Brigade film!


Hey Jason

SkateBoarding” Clip
That’s Tag to start. Looks like there a ton of people on the ground watching. Next is Rocky in the White Helmet. He always skated like Cab with that smooth style and crooked neck.  That’s Corn in the blue shirt and yellow helmet.  That’ Jeff Roenning in the white Zorlac shirt and yellow helmet. And I think thats weep sitting on the platform as Rocky chucks an air over his knees.  Next is Corn and Weeps at the Ditch. Corn said it’s the ditch by the highschool but I think it’s the one closer to Bridgewater on 78 East.  I could be wrong. This part kinda chokes me up watching it.  And then there’s the weird Kona part at the end. I know nothing about it.

The second part of the clip is at my ramp again and it’s Tag again.

I’m sure the people that did the original transfer just stuck it together with no rhyme or reason.  My folks still have the original film too.

Dave Padulo

Jason Oliva

Classic stuff! That is the ditch on route 78 across from Watchung Hills regional Highschool. 

Out the cafeteria (during lunch) and through the woods then it was just a quick  game of Frogger across 78 and you could skate for 15 minutes or so and have time to get back to class. Unless you went with Weep who would take one annoying long 15 minute run and leave you standing there to watch…Commmmmmaaaahhhhhhnnnnn WEEP!! enough already!…great times.

PS. The generic transfer music is too sad.


Jason Oliva and Weep Sciving off from school: High School Ditch NJ…86’ish

Photo Ben Cornish


399: Rocky Vertone Air to Axle at The Barn, long time ago…Yo!

rocky vertone air to axle

Rocky Vertone Air to Axle at The Barn NJ

Judging by the hair, earrings and outfit on the girl I think we can date this one around 85-86.
This is the first of many new gems from the Ken & Steven Deitz collection. You will be blown away when you see them all everything from The Barn, to Toms and Even Jay Henry’s old ramp…which eventually became the Barn Ramp.
Sorry I have been slack lately, its time to pic up the pace again.


373: Dave Padulo recalls his first trip to Groholski’s New Jersey Backyard ramp

Tom groholski 84 NJ the house of steam

Whoaaa back foot, Tom Groholski in his Back yard circa 84 Matt Padulo looking on.

You know you’ve come full circle when you’re listening to Ride The Lightening in your car on the way to Woodward Skatepark with your two young boys in the back seat and your brother next to you telling them the story of the first time you heard the song. (For the record it was a Wednesday night at the Barn, Groholski walked in, popped in the cassette into the player by the door, and jump on the ramp with no pads LONG before it was fashionable.) It must have been the Metallica playing in the car and the 13ft half-pipe they had at Woodward that got me thinking of the The Jersey Devil himself, Tom Groholski, and his freakin monster ramp he had in his backyard. A few minutes poking around some boxes in my attic produced this footage from the one pilgrimage I made to Tom’s with some of the crew from Warren & Watchung.


Tom, Dan Tag, Matt Padulo and Rocky Vertone

If this pic doesn’t capture a moment in time, I don’t know what one does. Tom extending a huge invert while Dan Tag, my brother Matt who must have been around 12 at the time, and Rocky Vertone look on, jaws dropped and speechless. I’m guessing this is probably either March 1984 or 1985. Maybe it was spring break. I remember it was cold and there were still a few last piles of snow around. It’s hard to put into words how TALL that ramp was. It took up the whole backyard and could be seen above some of the roofs in the neighborhood. It was the first huge tranny any of us had ever skated. Tom talks about how it came to his backyard in his Juice Magazine interview a few years ago. Good times.

Dave Padulo


Jason Oliva

Classic stuff!! I made the pilgrimage as well, driven by Dan Tag 2 or 3 years later. Tom’s was the tallest, slipperiest and most transparent ramp ever assembled. It made noises that no other ramp could muster. Tom ruled it and it seemed like when he was skating you could see him from across town. All the neighboring houses had boxed seats to view what was transpiring on the ramp. Needless to say I could barely manage to land any trick I knew at the time while Tag and Tom killed it. Normally I always traveled with a camera, not that day though. Nice one Dave, bet you wish you shot a whole roll!!


371: Team Steam’s Rocky Vertone Jackson Wyoming 2005


Jason Oliva

Pinched this pic off the net somewhere awhile back. A great shot of stylie Roque! Anyone have any details on the place?


324: Rocky and Tag by Corn on the Barn Platform 1986?

Rocky Vertone and Dan Tag at the Barn NJ 1986

Photo Ben Cornish




This is a true classic, I remember Corn developing it in our high school darkroom. Corn is standing on the beam that ran across the barn above the flat to get the shot. You can also see how narrow the deck was (the other was even more narrow) The ramp took up every inch of the Barn. Rock and Dan are teenagers in this shot and Tag was riding for Alva at the time.

Great Pic Corn!!

313: And it was all probably just a random Wednesday night at The Barn:Part 1

Hey Jason-
Congrats on 2 years and 100,000 + Hits.  Hopefully these shots will ring in year 3 with a bang.  I swear, my parents basement is the gift that just keeps giving.  I’d been looking for these shots forever, and my Dad finally stumbled across the negatives burried in a box.  I had them developed and they were better than I remembered.  I originally scanned in one or two to send your way but I just couldn’t whittle them down so I figured I send them all. Rocky doing a HUGE indy air, Tag just tearing up the place, Jay Henry’s egg plant, Steve Manion’s invert, Jimmy Kane chuckin’ one of his famous and stylish backside airs, Jimmy Murphy’s gnarly no-pads front side grind, Corn dorking it up on the platform and a few shots of me.  My bro was so psyched to see the photos and so bumbed he was’t at that session! And it was all probably just a random Wednesday night at The Barn.  Good times.
Dave Padulo
Jason Oliva The House of Steam
Too cool Dave!!
Im not gonna do too much commenting here but everyone who has ever seen Rocky skate has seen his crazy huge indy airs. Also that is Steve Mannion looking on from the couch Im sure Dennis can name check the rest of the folks. Anyone wanna take a stab at the year, Im betting 86. More to come in this series. Thanks again to the Padulo Bruthas!
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