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511: Chris Eggers (Germany) Skateboarding4life Archive : Where Tom Groholski is Claus Grabke…oh yeah and The Bones Brigade in Europe

Christian (Chris) Eggers, Indy Air

Neu-Ulm, 2007

Chris Eggers, Indy Air

Ettlingen, 1982

My favorite skate archive is by Chris Eggers, Skateboarding4life out of Germany. I have been following it since it began about a year ago…and no worries he has English subtitles. Wanna know what it would have been like to grow up in Europe riding vert? This is the place. Chris is in his early 40’s and was on the scene throughout Europe, Great Britain and Sweden during the 80’s. The Bones Brigade and others had been throughout Europe in the mid eighties during those pre-Mctwist  ‘Vintage Days’ of vert skating.  Chris and his crew were there and took pics. Here are some of Chris’s gems:

Lance Mountain

Munster Germany 1987

Remember Titus Skates!

Mike “Pre Mc-Twist” McGill

Taby Sweden, Summer Camp 1984

Steve Caballero

Photo Chris Eggers

Caballerial Livingston Scotland 1928

Psssssst Stevie Cab has still got these (A must CLICK)

I also dig the similarities…Chris like’s Indy Airs, he skated the Pipeline, he took time out from skating to take pictures and he feels the same way about Claus Grabke that we do about Tom Groholski. So check out Skateboarding4life and say hi to Chris and all our German Dopplegangers. Hopefully I can swing by Germany for a Jump Ramp Barbecue in the near future.

Great stuff Chris!

Jason Oliva

Here is some footage from the Bones Brigade in Livingstone, Scotland I posted back in 2007: CLICK

Claus Grabke

1982, Munster Germany

222: Santa Cruz Skateboard Demo Livi Scotland 1990: Jeff Kendall, Tom Knox, Jaime Blair, Mathius Bauer, Clause Grabke

Tom Knox-Red Santa Cruz Shirt
Jamie Blair-White Shirt /Helmet and Red Shorts
Jeff Kendell-Black Helmet and Black Shirt
Mathius Bauer-Grey Shirt and Black Helmet/pony tail
Claus Grabke-Black helmet and Grey Shirt

The sounds of skating in this video are just too cool.

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193: Christian Hosoi, Rob Rosckopp, Clause Grabke. Raging Waters San Jose

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